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When it comes to making the most of your tuition money, a great place to start is class registration. Especially when picking electives, you may come across some strange choices that inspire you to try something new. Check out this list of unique courses offered at colleges all across the country!

1. Introduction to Beekeeping

You’ve probably heard the buzz about this class at Temple University. The course delves into location requirements, how to obtain bees, required equipment, caring for your colony, and producing delicious honey treats. New beekeepers will also learn about the environmental impact bees have on our earth. You don’t need to know anything about beekeeping to beelong in this class!

2. Tree Climbing

At Cornell University, students have the opportunity to branch out and participate in recreational tree climbing! Those that want to learn how to climb trees (safely) will be taught the basic skills of tree hazard assessment, line placement, ascending, descending, and moving around in the canopy. Safety equipment is included and no experience is necessary. Climb on!

3. Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Ever wondered how to survive a catastrophe? So have the students at Michigan State University. This online course tackles the implications for planning and preparing for disasters. Split into different survival groups, the class stresses the value of teamwork as the only key to survival. Name a better way to bond with your friends. I’ll wait.

4. Harry Potter Studies

At the University of Central Florida, there is magic in the air. In this special Harry Potter class, students analyze J. K. Rowling’s beloved series, read articles, play quidditch, are sorted into the 4 Hogwarts houses, and participate in house cup challenges. Because UCF is located in Orlando, students receive discounts on nearby amusement parks including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park.

5. The Selfie Class

University of Southern California offers a course that invites students to analyze the meaning behind the selfies we see on social media everyday. This English class analyzes how self portraiture reveals the world’s views on race, gender, class, and sexuality. Clearly there is more to the selfie than proper angles, bright lighting, and filters!

6. Patternmaking for Dog Garments

At the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, you can start your business designing clothes for pets! This course allows students the opportunity to break into the pet industry, hear about product distributors, major retailers, pet shops, boutiques, and catalog businesses. This course serves as a pawesome way for students to expand their design portfolios.

7. Wasting Time on the Internet

University of Pennsylvania has turned wasting time on the internet into an art form. Yes, you read that correctly. By interacting only through screens (checking social media, watching cat videos, chatting, and online shopping), the class uses the internet as raw material for creating compelling and emotional works of literature. Do you think you could write a novel using just your twitter feed?

8. Arguing with Judge Judy

For those interested in logic, TV, and American pop culture, this seminar at UC Berkeley is concerned with identifying logical fallacies on shows such as “Judge Judy” and “The People’s Court.” Though it does not cover legal reasoning, individuals will learn about widespread strategies for argument outside of the court system. And if you ever run into Judge Judy, you will be able to hold your own. We call that a win-win.

9. Joy of Garbage

At UC Berkeley, the Joy of Garbage is all the rage. This course covers the science and consequences of what humans consume and discard including items that decompose and those that do not. The class includes field trips to local landfills, sewage treatment plants, and electronic waste recycling facilities. In addition, students will explore the social justice issues that come out of environmental matters.

10. The Meaning of Life

We’ve all wondered it before whether it was venting to a friend or ugly crying to your Uber driver. This philosophy class at Brown University delves into issues ranging from purpose to fulfillment to happiness. Though you may not get the straight answer you’re looking for, the class helps students achieve a broader understanding of the surrounding world and their place in it.

You’ll be surprised at the variety of classes you can take in college, topics that extend way beyond the usual academic courses you’re used to. You never know what sort of skills will be useful in the future, so if you have room for an elective or two, don’t be afraid to sign up for something radically different!