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In college, you will find yourself in an environment where everything you need is within close reach. Many of the resources at your disposal will be included within your tuition, so be sure to get your money’s worth! Here’s a list of college resources to utilize during your time on campus.

Counseling Center

All colleges have licensed mental health counselors on staff. Most colleges will provide you with a certain amount of free visits per semester. Even if you do surpass your free visits, they are pretty affordable after that. Taking care of your mental health is an essential step in succeeding in your classes and enjoying your college life! If your mental health is interfering with your daily life, here are some places to turn. 

Student Discounts

Take full advantage of your student discounts! Always carry your student ID with you, and inquire about student discounts before checking out at any business. You may find there are student discounts in places you’d never expect. This includes your car insurance company, music streaming service, and so on. Some discounts may continue after graduation, so be sure to check with your alumni association to learn more. 

Campus Recreation Center

The campus recreation center is a great place to destress and focus on your physical wellness. Be sure to check out all their offerings beyond the treadmills and weights. This may include group exercise classes, outdoor adventure trips, and even healthy cooking classes! After graduation, you’ll find that gym memberships are pretty expensive, so be sure to utilize this college resource while you can.

Tutoring Center

Within the tutoring center, you’ll find one-on-one tutoring, group tutoring, or even supplemental instruction sessions. The tutoring center is often staffed by students, so it’s a great way to make new friends and get ahead in your classes!

Career Center

You are likely attending college in hopes of beginning, finding, or furthering your career. This makes the career center a wonderful resource in connecting the dots between school and the career you hope to pursue. You’ll find services like resume writing resources, resume critiques, practice interviews, internship/career fairs, networking events, job postings, and more.

Health Center

Many colleges will have medical services on campus. If they don’t, be sure to connect with your student life office. They should be able to provide a list of medical providers in the area. The health center is typically the cheapest and most convenient option for quick care. Many health centers will even have an attached pharmacy for convenience so you can be on the mend and back to classes ASAP.

Student Organizations

There is something out there for everyone! Getting involved will help you acclimate to campus life, make friends, and develop as a person. If your school doesn’t already have what you are interested in, leave your mark and start the club yourself!


Even if you aren’t struggling in a class, get to know your professors. Attend their office hours and inquire about their own studies and research. You may discover new academic interests, find yourself a mentor, and create lasting connections! 

Your college experience is what you make it, so be sure to utilize all the college resources around you to ensure the richest experience!