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Is procrastination your middle name? Same, we feel you. Being proactive can be super challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. No worries! Being proactive is all about taking thoughtful steps when making decisions, as opposed to reacting spontaneously to your environment. If you’re hoping to boost your productivity, we’ve got you covered with the following tips:


Anticipate problems

First things first, predict the path of your journey. What sort of challenges may pop up? Consider patterns from your past that may reappear and daily routines that may impact your goals. This exercise will help you foresee obstacles and prepare for them.

When it comes to accomplishing your goals, one thing is certain: it’s not going to be perfect. You will hit snags along the way, so it’s up to you to prepare yourself for all setbacks. Ask yourself these questions: How would I handle this situation? What difficulty would completely blind side me? It’s okay if you come up with completely radical situations!


Plan it out

Write things down in a planner, create a vision board, or find a buddy to keep you accountable! After thinking ahead and anticipating possible complications, consider the solution. Don’t spend too much time dwelling on potential dilemmas, and instead, brainstorm ways to overcome them.

Additionally, you should shift your mindset into thinking about your actions as a chain reaction, one decision linked to another. Create your agenda based on the outcome you hope to achieve. If planning isn’t your thing, become a skillful scheduler with these tips.


Take initiative

Procrastination is the opposite of being proactive, so you need to put in the work ASAP. Believe in your influence and acknowledge your power to achieve your goals.


Check back in

Every now and again, reflect on your progress. If you aren’t reaching your goals as planned, it may be time to reevaluate. Take note of the strategies that worked, and continue using them. If there are strategies that were less than optimal, it’s back to the drawing board! Don’t be afraid to be brutally honest with yourself. By discovering what does and doesn’t work, you’re on your way to discovering your own personal recipe for success!