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It’s the activity fair on campus. Your hands are full of flyers from organizations promoting their membership. You’ve got a few on your mind that you’d like to check out, but with so many choices, how will you ever decide? Joining a student organization provides an opportunity for expanding your social circle, developing new skills, beefing up your resume, and discovering your personal values. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a student organization to join:

1. Explore your options

There’s no way you’ll see ALL of the organizations on campus, but you can check out a few! Start out by picking three clubs in an area you are skilled and three you want to learn more about. Attend information sessions to get a feel for their missions and commitment requirements. After attending these meetings, you’ll have a better idea of which ones you want to join.

2. Don’t limit yourself

A lot of people choose clubs based on skills they already have, and while this can help refine your unique abilities, consider an organization that is out of your comfort zone. Don’t limit yourself to what you already know; challenge yourself to expand your knowledge!

3. Check your calendar

When joining a student organization, there’s definitely a time commitment. To an extent, keeping busy can improve your time management skills and result in better grades. However, you need to be sure that you aren’t overloading yourself with activities. Make sure you have room in your schedule by looking at test dates, assignment deadlines, work schedules, and free time for study, rest, and other things you enjoy. By striking a balance, you will make the most of your college career!

4. Recognize opportunity

When examining all of the organizations to join, take note of which ones present a great deal of opportunity for you. Leadership positions, volunteer opportunity, ethical development, and academic improvement are all important factors to recognize when finding the club that is right for you.

5. Have fun!

This is probably the most important element of choosing a student organization: join a club that you will ENJOY! That feels pretty obvious, doesn’t it? Well, you would be surprised at how many people affiliate with organizations they don’t particularly like for the sake of building their resume or pleasing their parents. Ultimately, you want to be a part of a club that you’re passionate about and that suits your personality. That way, you’ll spend your time doing something that you love, and you’ll meet people with similar interests. College is your time to explore, so take advantage of it!