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With the changes brought on by the pandemic, we know that sports recruitment may look different to many students. Here are ways to capture the attention of college recruiters. 

Communicate constantly with your coach

If you are hoping to keep up with your training, maintain contact with your high school and club coaches. Let them know which colleges you are interested in playing for and who you may have already heard interest from. Your coaches can reach out to them on your behalf and likely already have existing contacts that they can introduce you to. They can serve as a great resource during this time, and offer you training advice in the offseason. You can also reach out to past teammates who may be already playing in college for their advice. 

Promote yourself online

If certain recruiters cannot come see you in person, they are utilizing virtual tools to discover talent. Create a Twitter account to promote your athletic abilities. Upload videos of yourself playing in previous games or practicing, and show colleges your dedication to your sport! You can also email your colleges of interest and inquire about the way they are handling athletic recruiting and scholarships.

Stay informed

Due to COVID-19, the NCAA is adjusting eligibility requirements and providing flexibility in virtual recruiting. To learn more about the specifications for Divisions I, II, and III,  here’s a link to their updates. No matter which sports division you hope to play for, it’s worth keeping up with the current events surrounding athletic recruitment.

Remain positive

When keeping up with your classes and thinking about your future, it can be stressful adding sports recruitment to that to-do list. We encourage you to think of this time as an opportunity to continue practicing your sport, improving yourself, and striving for success.

All in all, remember that colleges realize you may not have had the opportunity to make your mark in your high school sport. They will take that into consideration for next year’s students. Keep on practicing, and if you haven’t already, you will be back to competing before you know it.