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Your school counselor is an amazing resource throughout high school. He or she is there to encourage your success succeed today and plan for your future.We highly encourage you to visit your school counselor early and often. To motivate you to make an appointment, check out 7 things your school counselor can help you with. FYI, there are wayyyy more than 7, but we only have your attention for so long…


School Counselors Can Help With:


1. Course selection/graduation requirements

When you think of what your school counselor can help with, this is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Rather than just telling you which courses to take to fulfill graduation requirements, they can sit down and discuss which level they’d recommend (e.g.. honors, AP, etc.) as well as beneficial elective courses based on your interests and goals.


2. The tough stuff

Your school counselor can help you out in tons of situations both academically and with things that can come up outside of the classroom. Your tough stuff could come in the form of struggling in a class, your family losing their home, or mental health challenges. School counselors are there to empower you to succeed by providing you with tons of resources to ensure you are well taken care of.


3. Balance

In high school, you probably have tons of competing priorities while keeping up with your school work. Maybe you’re involved in clubs, sports, and work part-time, while still trying to maintain somewhat of a social life and sleep occasionally. Balance can be super tough to achieve and your school counselor is there to be a listening ear and suggest how to prioritize and manage your time to help you live a more balanced life.


4. Planning for your future

Your school counselor wants to see you succeed in the here and now, but also wants to set you up for future success. Maybe as a freshman you already know exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life, or you have ZERO idea, both are perfectly okay! Let your school counselor in on what you’re thinking, whether your plan leads you straight to a career, the military, or college, he or she will help connect you to opportunities to explore your options. Your school counselor is also a great accountability buddy to keep you on track with deadlines and ensure you are progressing towards your post-graduation plan!


5. Serving as a reference

No matter what your plan is after graduation, chances are you are going to need someone to vouch for you. This could be a through a recommendation letter for college or serving as a reference for a job. It’s important to have a trusted adult who can speak to your character, work ethic, and grit.


6. Decision making

You will have tons of decisions to make in high school, some small and some REALLY big. At the end of the day, your decisions are always in your hands, but your school counselor can walk you through some decision making tips, so you can feel confident you made an informed decision.


7. Being your biggest fan

Most importantly, always remember your school counselor is your biggest fan. It takes a big heart, a caring soul, and tons of patience to be a school counselor. Sometimes, your counselor may have to pull out their “tough love” card on you, but it all comes from a place of caring and wanting what’s best for you. He or she will empathize with you during tough times and be there with you to celebrate your successes.


Like most things in life, the more effort you put into something, the more you will get out. Your school counselor has so much to give you, all that is asked is for you to communicate what you need. A relationship with your school counselor can positively impact your high school career and far beyond.