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Chances are if you’re exploring your college options, you’ve interacted with a college admissions counselor. They are the friendly person behind the table at a college fair or the college representatives visiting your high school. 

College admissions counselors dedicate themselves to serving students within the college admissions process. Here are the top things college admissions counselors want you to know to be successful in the college process. 

They are there to help

Take ownership of your application and admissions process, but never hesitate to ask for help. If you keep up with what you need to do (deadlines, required paperwork), there is so much they can do for you.

Communication is key

College admissions counselors know this entire process is new, so they will provide lots of reminders to make sure you are never in the dark about anything. 

Tell your story

Tell your story, not what you think they want to hear. Your essays will probably be read by an admissions counselor sitting on their couch in their pajamas with their cat on their lap. Sometimes the most genuine topics make the best essays. Think about the girl who wrote her essay on pizza and got into Yale!

Honesty is the best policy

Talk to admissions counselors about what you want in a college, what scares you about going to college, what dreams/aspirations you have for after college. Providing this information will help them get an idea of the very best school for you! 

Be engaged

Most admissions counselors love being able to put a face to emails, phone calls, and texts. If you come to an event on-campus or a college fair, introduce yourself. It’s super important to engage with schools at the top of your list. The more interest you show in the school, the more they’ll notice. 

Put your best foot forward

So many things are out of your hands in the admissions process, but there are a few things you can control. Keep an eye on your social media – some schools may look to social sites to determine if an applicant demonstrates the values important to the school, Check out our tips for cleaning up your social media for college.

Keep calm and trust the process

Once you hit submit, your application is out of your hands. Be confident in the work you submitted. The amount of phone calls that you make prior to the decision being released won’t speed up or change your decision. Obviously if something seems off, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Don’t be a stranger!

Although you may be settled into your college life and have an academic advisor to ask questions, college admissions counselors still want to know how things are going.  If you are in need of help with anything, reach out! Even if they do not have the answer for you, they can connect you to the right place.

Your college admissions counselor is rooting for you every step of the way!