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There’s no doubt that studying can be mundane, especially if you’ve been studying the same way since you were in middle school. If you’re looking to shake up your routine, here are some study hacks to up your game!

1. Voice-to-Text

You can use the voice-to-text feature on your phone as a study tool! Instead of typing notes as you read, you can summarize in your own words, and your phone will type them for you. When you have tons of reading to do, this feature is a huge time saver.

2. Kahoot and Quizlet

Kahoot and Quizlet are two apps that can help you quiz yourself and your friends in a way that is both productive and fun! Even if these two websites in particular don’t strike your fancy, there are plenty of other quizzing apps out there.

3. Grammarly and Hemingway Editor

When it comes to extensive essays and papers, these websites help to keep your writing clear and concise. The Hemingway Editor focuses on limiting adverb use, passive voice, and unnecessary words. Grammarly corrects grammar, suggests synonyms, and strengthens your language skills as you go.

4. Take a walk before your exam

According to this study, there is a correlation between cardiovascular exercise and the cognition of young adults. Basically, those who exercised before their exams performed better than those who didn’t. Test out this study hack by planning a work out before your next exam or presentation!

5. Change your study conditions

For every study session you have, try switching up the location, the type of study, and who you’re with. Because our sense of smell is a powerful tool for triggering memory, you may even want to consider spraying an unfamiliar scent! And when it comes time to take your test, spray that unfamiliar scent again to help you remember all the material you studied.

6. Draw diagrams

The combination of using different colors and visualizing your studies gives you a better chance of recalling material when it really counts. Use any excuse you can to take out the crayons and bring on the doodles!

7. Check your fonts

For times when you need to be a speedy reader, switch the font on your study guides. Your brain processes serif fonts faster than others. (This includes popular fonts such as Times New Roman, Palatino, Georgia, Courier, and Garamond).

8. Use apps to block distracting sites

For all the procrastinators out there, break through all the interruptions and get down to business. Whether you want to block the entire internet or just a few social media sites, there’s something out there for everyone!

9. Watch a documentary on the topic

This study trick can be applicable to all sorts of classes. Do your research and consider downloading a documentary or looking up videos on Youtube to watch in preparation for your exams. (It may serve as a credible reference for those dreaded short answer questions).

10. Listen to study music

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter the type of music you listen to. Music lifts people’s moods and maximizes concentration. There is research that supports soothing instrumental music may alleviate stress while studying. Have you made your study playlist yet?

Though these tips may seem small, they could have a big impact on your study tactics. Even if you don’t see these suggestions working into your study schedule, you can use them as a starting point for brainstorming more hacks that make your studies more productive and entertaining!