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With so many colleges to choose from, finding the perfect one for you may seem impossible. No matter where you are in the college search process, you may feel super stressed. Here are some steps to reduce stress in the college search and channel it into something positive!

Avoid drinking caffeine

Drinking more caffeine than you are used to affects your nervous system increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. Trade your coffee mug for a (reusable) water bottle to keep you calm and productive.


When the college search has got you fatigued, get your body moving. Seems counterintuitive? Well, as it turns out, exercise improves your cognitive function including alertness and concentration. Time and time again, studies reveal that exercise reduces stress.

Keep a stress diary

Write an entry in your notebook every day about your stress with the college process. It will make it easier for you to reflect and pinpoint your struggles. You may gain a new perspective and relax knowing that some parts of this process are beyond your control.

Try relaxation techniques

Whether it be painting a masterpiece or practicing yoga poses, set aside some time for an activity that relaxes you. Instead of watching Netflix in your bed, consider an interest that sparks your creativity.

Go to bed earlier

Obtaining a consistent sleep schedule can improve your health in numerous ways. Catching a few extra Z’s will sharpen your memory, rejuvenate your attention span, and alleviate the tensions you feel every day. It may even help reduce the anxiety of the college search process. 

Talk to someone

There are plenty of people who care for you and want to see you succeed! This includes your friends, parents, teachers, and school counselor. So go on, and get your fears off your chest! They will be the first to tell you that it’s completely normal to worry about your future.

Whatever your plans may be for the future, relish in the fact that everybody’s journey looks different. It’s okay to stress during the college search, but trust that your hard work will lead you to where you are meant to be. Everything will be okay.