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The thought of simultaneously raising children and earning a college degree may seem like an impossible undertaking. However, there are tons of schools with programs dedicated to student parent success. If attending college is a dream of yours, check out these colleges with services to support you and your little ones!

1. Wilson College

At Wilson College, the Single Parent Scholar Program offers on-campus housing to single parents with children (between 20 months and 12 years of age). While parents are studying and taking classes, the school also has an on-campus childcare center offered to children 20 months to 5 years old. This environment allows student parents to care for their children and pursue their academic dreams at the same time.2. 


2. St. Catherine’s University

The Access and Success program at St. Catherine’s University connects student parents to the resources they need. From grants and scholarships to on-campus babysitters to child friendly study spaces, St. Catherine’s campus is equipped for students raising children of all ages.


3. Endicott College

At Endicott College, the Keys to Degrees program is intended for young single parents ages 18 to 24. Their prime goal is to help single parents thrive in their studies and provide a full array of services from family friendly housing on-campus to scholarship support. 

4. College of Saint Mary

College of Saint Mary makes it a priority to make campus life easy for student parents through their Single Parent Success Program. They offer suite style living for families in Madonna Hall complete with complimentary laundry services, kitchens, and lounge areas. Conveniently, this college also has the Spellman Child Development Center right on campus.


5. Texas Woman’s University

The SPARK (Student Pioneers Also Raising Kids) program at Texas Woman’s University offers all kinds of options to parents pursuing their education. This school offers lactation rooms, Child Care Assistance (CCA), and an after school program for kids 5 and up known as the Club House.


6. Kent State University

At Kent University, they understand that studying AND raising a child is a big challenge. Through their LIFE (Literacy and Independence for Family Education) program, you can connect with other student parents, family housing, and childcare resources to make your time at their college stress free.


7. University of Michigan

University of Michigan offers all kinds of services to students with children. Their Students with Children program offers housing, childcare, financial resources, health insurance options, and more. Their resources are all dedicated to the caregivers on campus juggling classes, work, research, and parenting.


8. University of Florida

At the University of Florida, not only do they offer housing for families, but they also have childcare known as the Baby Gator program for children 6 weeks to 5 years. The Baby Gator centers have 3 different locations, administer educational activities, and provide breakfast, lunch, and snack for every child. 


9. University of Massachusetts

The University Without Walls (UWW) program is meant for non-traditional students, including families. This program is offered at a reduced rate on-campus, off-campus, and online to maintain a level of flexibility for the students.


10. Misericordia University

At Misericordia University, they offer the Women With Children Program (WWC). Specifically, this program aims to empower economically disadvantaged single mothers by offering financial aid, housing, and childcare. 


As you can see, there are plenty of schools out there with support for student parents. Earning a degree while raising children isn’t easy, and you will serve as an inspiration to the students around you. Know that you are not alone, and seeking a college degree is completely within your reach.