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The pandemic has turned our lives upside down in so many ways, and the record-breaking unemployment may have you questioning your career options. As you reflect on your aspirations for the future, you may be curious to learn about the popular professions booming during the pandemic. Here, we will talk about the various emerging careers thriving during this time of uncertainty. 

Health Field

Of course, nurses and doctors are in high demand to treat patients during the pandemic. COVID-19 has also created jobs for temperature screeners and contact tracers tracking the spread of the virus in communities. The pandemic has also called for other roles such as pharmacists, digital health analysts, virologists, microbiologists, data scientists, and more

 If these are careers that interest you, it’s important to note the educational requirements for each! To become a pharmacist or virologist, you need a doctoral degree, whereas, a career in data science calls for a master’s degree. Microbiologists and digital health analysts only require a bachelor’s degree. 

Delivery Services

It comes as no surprise that delivery services are thriving during the pandemic. With stay-at-home orders, people are ordering all of their necessities online and shipping it to their homes. The demand for delivery creates and ensures employment for drivers making the deliveries as well as the managers organizing and distributing online orders. For students who aren’t sure about college after high school, taking a job in delivery services could be a great way to gain hands-on experience. 


It’s because of technology that people have been able to work from home and social distance with friends, family, and colleagues. In the future, we can expect many careers in technology creating collaboration tools, entertainment, streaming services, and so much more! With people spending so much time online, we can also expect a boom for cyber security professionals. 

 Most careers in technology can be achieved in 4 years of undergraduate studies; however, there are some, such as IT technician training, that can be accomplished through trade schools or associate’s degrees. If you consider yourself tech-savvy with an innovative mind, a career in technology may be worth exploring during this time.


Across all levels of education, from elementary school to college, students are adjusting to learning at home. With this change, we can expect more online tools and resources, at-home tutoring, and calls for a different approach to education. There are plenty of paths in education that you may choose to pursue. A bachelor’s degree is the typical educational requirement to become a teacher or educator of any kind. You must also receive certification within your state. Even if you don’t wish to teach in the traditional sense, there are careers in education to consider, such as school counselors or curriculum writers. 

It’s a scary time, especially when it comes to job security, so take solace in the fact that there are plenty of career options for you to pursue. No matter your area of interest, the world needs problem solvers and innovators to create a new world that is better than the one we leave behind.