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Whether you want a job to save money or gain work experience, on-campus jobs are a great option for college students. Not only are they convenient in location, but some offer great opportunities to relieve living costs or provide essential experience to add to your resume. Here’s a list of the on-campus jobs you may want to check out.

1. Teaching Assistant

This can be great experience for people of all majors! Teaching assistants usually reinforce lessons presented by professors by reviewing the material with students during office hours or in small groups. Teaching assistants also help with proctoring exams, keeping track of attendance, calculating grades, and scoring papers. To get started, contact your favorite professor or choose a class that you would enjoy teaching, and apply!

2. Resident Assistant

When you think of on-campus jobs, resident assistant (RA) likely comes to mind. This is a popular option for many students because being an RA usually comes with free or reduced costs on housing. Because residence halls are typically inhabited by underclassmen, RAs facilitate the social, academic, and personal adjustment for the students that live there. Often times, RAs serve as positive role models to the younger students, enforcing the rules and policies of the university.

3. Campus Tour Guide

If you are looking to practice your public speaking skills, show off your school spirit, and learn more about your school, this position is a prime option! The duties of a campus tour guide include giving positive, informed tours to prospective students, parents, and high school counselors. (Beware, these duties may require you to wake up early on weekends). You will have the opportunity meet new people, glimpse into the future of your school, and share your favorite aspects of life on campus.

4. Library Attendant

Bookworms, unite! When it comes to working as a library attendant, you will help lost students find their way around the library, check books in and out of the computer systems, and organize the books so that students will be able to find them easily. Sometimes students don’t know just how many resources there are at their school’s libraries for studying, researching, and so on. Working there will certainly come in handy because you will know all about the resources at your disposal.

5. Mail Room Attendant

Depending on which part of campus you are working, you will have different responsibilities. Many resident assistants help sort the mail and log packages for the dorms in which they reside. If you are working in a mailroom in another part of campus, your duties may extend to shipping and sending out mail for the school.

6. Administrative Assistant

Plenty of departments at universities offer administrative assistant positions. Some general responsibilities include logistical office work: photocopying, faxing, mail distribution, answering phones, and filing. For anyone who takes joy in organization, this job is a perfect fit.

7. Research Assistant

The duties of a research assistant may vary depending on the type of research. Many times, research assistants are found in the social sciences and laboratories performing experiments under supervision. Other types of research assistants involve gathering data via internet, surveys, legal documents, and so on. This type of research assistant can be found working for professions that may need help tracking down information. (Newspaper reporters, novel writers, and so on).

8. Social Media Ambassador

Through branded accounts, social media ambassadors serve as a liaison between students (both current and prospective) and the university. With this job, you will craft communication strategies that will encourage participation and engagement in on-campus events. You may be required to share your experiences each week or attend specific events each semester. Overall, this role on campus will ensure exposure to all kinds of people and increase your involvement on campus. Social media ambassadors aren’t always paid to do this job; however, it could be a valuable experience for those studying communications, language, marketing, interactive media, and public relations.

9. Peer Tutor

You do not need to major in education to be a peer tutor! Peer tutors may work in on-campus tutoring centers with daily appointments. Or you may work as a peer tutor assigned to a set of particular students, helping to integrate effective learning and study strategies. However your major/department goes about their extra help, you will likely spend your time clarifying course content, assignments, and material.

10. Fitness Class Instructor

Depending on your school, you will need to undergo training or required courses to obtain this particular position. Most all exercise classes at campus fitness centers are taught by other students. You may have the opportunity to guide yoga, zumba, pilates, spin, martial arts, and so much more. For those who have a passion for health and exercise, this job is an ideal way to earn money while doing something you love!

11. Event Caterer

Your school likely has many events and galas for all sorts of occasions. When you work as an event caterer, you will serve food to guests, refill beverages, and clear tables when all is done. This can be an excellent option for those with experience in hospitality or wishing to gain experience in hospitality.

12. Lifeguard

Many universities have fitness facilities that include swimming pools. If you aren’t already, you will need to become certified to serve as a lifeguard. This is a common job for students who are on sports teams or worked as lifeguards in high school. It’s an occupation you can take with you into the summer after classes end!

13. Student Production Assistant

A production assistant can have a variety of responsibilities. You could be working on props and sets for the school’s theatre program or doing light administrative work (such as running errands or doing paperwork). You may even have the opportunity to work on labeling, collecting, and organizing costumes in the wardrobe department.

14. Barista

Most schools have several on-campus student centers, food courts, and dining halls. Many food stations and coffee shops are operated by students, providing ample opportunity for those looking to make some extra cash. When working at these food courts and student centers, you may receive discounts on dining. (All the more helpful when trying to save your money).

15. Bookstore Employee

The duties for this job include stocking shelves, organizing orders for new books, working as a cashier for customers, and helping students find what they need for their classes. Most schools provide discounts on books to their employees, which can be a huge help when it comes to living on a budget.

As you can see, there are plenty of on-campus options for those hoping to work during the semester. To find out more information about the unique employment opportunities at your college, check out your school’s career center. Regardless of your interests or level of experience, there is a job out there that is perfect for you!