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Despite everything going on in the world, you’re in the amazing position of being accepted into college. Congratulations! Decision Day is typically May 1st. Last year, due to the effects of coronavirus, many schools delayed their Decision Day. Be sure to double check the deadlines for the schools you are interested in attending and have been accepted to. Once you’ve confirmed your deadline, check out these tips to making your college decision in quarantine. 

1. Take a virtual tour

Since you won’t be able to schedule campus tours during this time, check out virtual tours online. Go to the website of your school of interest, and see if they offer one. Virtual tours will highlight similar locations and facts to the in-person tour. Feel free to pause the virtual tour to take notes and jot down questions! If your school doesn’t offer a virtual tour and you live within driving distance, take a ride and have a look around. Ask yourself: could I see myself on this campus? Does it feel right? 

2. Connect on social media

Check out the Instagram and Twitter pages of the schools you’re interested in. You may learn about all the events held on campus, as well as the way the school is helping their students during the pandemic. Search the school’s related hashtags to see personal photos and anecdotes of campus life. You may also find current students serving as social media ambassadors of the school. Their purpose is to help out potential students, so don’t hesitate to send a message and ask any questions that come to mind!

3. Reach out to an admissions counselor

Admissions counselors are usually assigned based on your geographic location or by intended major. They will be your go-to person from the time you first show interest in a school to when you enroll. They can answer questions, provide resources, and maybe even connect you with alumni or current students! Consider setting up a meeting over Zoom to learn more about the school and ask questions. 

4. Make a list of pros and cons

If you are struggling to choose between a few schools you’ve been accepted to, create a list of pros and cons. Evaluate the schools in these categories: affordability, size, location, academics, social life, and so on. Reflect on the importance of these separate factors, and figure out which school most aligns with your interests and preferences. Additionally, if you’ve received multiple financial aid packages, you should compare those as well. Here’s an article to help you decipher your financial aid package.

5. Discuss with a trusted adult

Talk to your parents, relatives, school counselor, or high school teachers. At the end of the day, it is your decision. However, it’s helpful to gain the insight of those who care about you. Additionally, some students will share the responsibility of paying for college, so you want to make sure your parents are onboard with this decision. Ask the question, “what schools are you excited about for me?” Pay attention to your emotions when they answer. Are you excited or disappointed? These gut reactions may help you discover the school you are leaning towards. 

Making a college decision is tough even without the added anxiety of life in quarantine. While it’s unfair that you are put in this position, you will get through this. With all that you overcome, you may even find this time will bring you closer to your peers and help you bond with future classmates. If you need a little more guidance on making a college decision, ask yourself these questions!