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Congratulations to all our college graduates! You’ve worked hard, turned your tassel, and now you are ready to start your career. Keeping in mind all the ways our lives have changed this year, here are some tips to help you along in your job search.


1. Be persistent

The job search can be discouraging, especially with our current economic climate. If you are spending a lot of time sending applications with little success, be persistent. The more applications you send out over a period of time, the more likely you will obtain a position. It’s a numbers game, so don’t let the job search get you down! 


2. Broaden your horizons

Broaden the number of fields you are sending applications. Since you are likely looking for an entry-level position, be flexible. Consider growing industries such as video streaming or healthcare. Remember, it’s okay if your first job isn’t your dream career. Shift your mindset to focus more on the task of gaining experience.


3. Don’t be afraid to intern

Everyone has to start somewhere! Apply for internships, and you never know what sort of opportunities may come out of it. An internship will still give you experience  and a network of professional connections. You may have expected a full-time salaried position when you graduated from college, but an internship could still provide a great learning opportunity and lead to a job in the future. 


4. Gather references

Ask mentors in your life to serve as references or write letters of recommendation. This can be professors, athletic coaches, internship supervisors, and others who can speak to your skills. You will want to include this list of references with your job applications. Once you land a job, be sure to send thank you notes to all the people who assisted you in your search!


5. Boost your skills

Applying to jobs all day can be exhausting. Sign up for an online class or certificate program that will keep you feeling inspired and motivated. By enrolling in an academic program, you will keep productive, build marketable skills, and remain confident in the abilities you have to offer.


6. Network often 

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and find a job through someone you know. Use digital channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn to join alumni groups and connect with your community back at home. You can also sign up for volunteer opportunities, and use that as a way to network. Take advantage of free career resources at your school such as resume review, interview prep, online career fairs, and job listings. All in all, you never know which connection may lead to a job. For more information about networking, check out this article.


7. Consider freelancing

Freelancing is a form of self-employment. When freelancing, you offer services to someone for a fee without the commitment to a particular employer long-term. Some common freelance jobs include writing, web design, graphic design, and social media management. Though freelancing can take time to build a full-time income, it can be a quick way to earn money. All you need to do is find your first client! For more information, here’s an article with companies that hire freelance jobs.


We hope these tips keep you inspired and motivated during your job search. With some time and dedication, you are on your way to achieving all your professional goals!