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Meet Jackie, a senior at The Ohio State University majoring in Early Childhood Education. She previously attended Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, California.

What factors were most important when deciding which college to attend?

I wanted a big, spirited school that still had a campus feel. I visited a lot of Big Ten schools but felt the most comfortable walking on Ohio State’s campus. I could picture myself there and didn’t feel like I would get lost in the crowd even though it was a huge school.

In high school, I wish I would have tried…

not caring about what other people think, it’s a waste of time.

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc. are you involved with on campus?

I am a member of Alpha Chi Omega, a social sorority on campus, I work at the School of Communication, I volunteer with College Mentors for Kids, and I am a part of the GEM tutoring program.

Something you won’t read in your Ohio State University’s brochure:

There is a guy who stands on the oval (our quad) almost every weekday and plays the bagpipe, and nobody actually knows his real name; he is just known as the bagpipe guy.

Best on-campus event:

Football games, without a doubt.

Favorite Class:

My second year writing class, it was about the religions of the world.

Favorite Dining Hall Meal:

Pancakes from Sloopy’s.

On weekends, students…

are very active. During the day, if the weather permits, they lay out on the oval or go on hikes near campus. At night students are also very active, we have lots of local bars and downtown Columbus is full of fun things to do.

It’s 1AM on Saturday. Where are you?

Probably with my friends at ethyl and tank (a bar on our main drag) or hanging out at a friends house watching a movie.

It’s finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go study?

Giant Eagle, Starbucks, or my sorority house.

Before I graduate, I want to…

explore more of the Short North (just a couple blocks down from campus, right before you hit the center of downtown Columbus) and complete as many OSU traditions as I can.

Anything else awesome that we should know about your college?

Without a doubt Ohio State is one of the most spirited schools out there. We love our Buckeyes and our campus so much, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. This school is based on tradition and there is no place like it.


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