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So you’re trying to cut the vicious caffeine addiction, huh? Or maybe you just don’t like coffee at all… Either way, with these five alternatives to the Java drug, you’ll be healthier and more energized!


1. Cucumbers

The “cuke,” as I like to call it, is an insanely healthy food with a smorgasbord of benefits that can enhance your energy and overall well-being. As a part of the same plant family as watermelon and squash, it’s 95% water so it’s a great hydration food. Other benefits include anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, weight loss, heart health, high fiber content, B vitamins for stress management, and you guessed it: energy. You can toss some cukes on your salad or cut up slices into a container of water overnight for a refreshing cucumber energy drink the next day.


2. Nutty Smoothies

Nuts are high in protein and fiber and they’re great mixed into a fruit smoothie. Throwing some cashew or almond milk, protein powder, or nut butter in the smoothie can also increase your health advantages. A lot of the time, low energy is due to low blood sugar, so a fruit nut smoothie is a solid way to boost your blood sugar in a healthy and delicious way while avoiding coffee and other junk foods.


3. Wheatgrass Juice

Come on, it’s 2018! I don’t mean to be cliche, but don’t knock it until you try it. Wheatgrass juice is a liquid shot of essential vitamins that’s completely natural. It’s easy and rapid digestion make it a fantastic quick-working energy source. You can drink it alone or supplement it with a protein powder to give it some extra juice. It also looks identical to the world famous kelp shake from spongebob– which, let’s be real, is the main reason I drink it.


4. Coconut Water

The drink, the myth, the legend: coconut water. You may have heard of it from your health guru friends. Coconut water is rapidly becoming a trend among the fitness markets today, and the trend speaks for itself– the stuff is absurdly wholesome. It’s chock full of bioactive enzymes and electrolytes which replenish your energy reserves and help maintain proper digestive function. It’s naturally sweet, so it’s a great replacement for those highly caffeinated energy drinks, too.


5. Goji Berries

These bad boys have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for a reason. Goji enhances blood flow, which in turn helps to oxygenate all the cells throughout your body, and you know that old saying your grandma always says: a more oxygenated cell tissue is a more energized body. (Or something like that). Goji also increases the body’s ability to handle stress and supports mood and memory. Expert tip: if you’re not a very berry person, you can buy goji juices and drinks that actually deliver energy to your body even faster!


No more java jitters! For best practice, focus on one or two of these ideas at a time to see what may or may not work for you. With this knowledge you can go forth and conquer your day with your newfound energizing tips.