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Getting to know your teachers is vital to having a solid classroom experience. Making a positive impression on a teacher comes in handy not only for letters of recommendation, but also on a day-to-day basis. When you build a positive relationship with a teacher, it’s easier to ask questions, request for additional help after school, and feel more entertained in class. You don’t even need to be the “best” student in your class; teachers are human, after all, and they just want to get to know you as a person. So how do you make it happen? Here are a few tips to get you started.


1. Ask questions

This is the easiest step to show your teachers that you care. If you do not understand the lesson, it’s no biggie to raise your hand and ask your teacher to elaborate. If raising your hand and speaking in front of others makes you anxious, just stop by at the end of class or during lunch to ask your questions. Putting in that extra bit of effort and time can make a big difference.

2. Answer questions

Don’t just blend in with the crowd day in and day out. Make an effort to stand out! If your teacher asks a question for the class and you think you might know the answer, go for it. The worst thing that could happen is you will give the wrong answer, and if that happens, you learn from it. It won’t matter to any other student if you’re wrong; they’ll all forget about it in a matter of seconds. And as a side note, answering questions can come in handy if you have a teacher that is known to randomly call on people for answers. If you have already answered a question, they are much more likely to ask a student that has been inactive the entire class period!

3. Give some effort

Teachers appreciate effort just as much as they acknowledge a job well done. If a teacher sees that you put a lot of effort into your essay or worksheet, they will realize that you care about learning and gaining knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you are an A or C student, give it your best! Teachers want to see you apply yourself even if you aren’t successful 100% of the time.


Remember, you don’t have to be the most outgoing, intelligent student in the school to impress your teachers. Sometimes, it just takes a bit of respect and genuine effort to develop a relationship with them!