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As you start your college search, you may not have considered the importance of campus setting. By understanding the different environments of college campuses, you can choose a location where you will thrive. Here we will define four different campus settings.            


Cities are urban environments bustling with activity. For campus settings in large cities, you can expect a never ending list of things to do. Due to the sheer size of cities, you will likely experience people from all different backgrounds. For those hoping to keep busy and become comfortable with public transportation, the city life might be for you. 


Suburban territories are smaller urban areas outside of cities. Though there may not be as much going on, the suburbs often have access to bigger cities that surround them. You can find suburbs of all different sizes. Campus settings in suburban environments are a great option for people who still want to be near the hoopla, but want the vibe of a smaller town and familiar community. 


Towns are smaller environments even further from urbanized areas. You can choose a town that’s just on the fringe of urban areas, distant, or remote. Campus settings that take place in towns will have a comfortable familiarity to them. You will likely be able to walk around campus and recognize a few faces. Towns are a great option for students that hope their college will have a close, cozy community. 


Rural locations are even smaller in population than towns. Though rural towns may seem sleepy, there’s a certain charm when removing yourself from urban areas. Many rural settings are set in nature, whether in the mountains, out in the desert, or by the beach. The rural campus settings might be best for someone that cares more about surrounding themselves with nature than other people. 

Significance of Campus Setting

The environment where you study is a significant factor to consider when thinking about college fit. You want to make sure you choose a place where you will find happiness. While it’s important to choose a location that makes you feel comfortable, this might be a chance for you to challenge yourself. Perhaps if you’ve grown up in a small town, you should embrace the move to a city. If you’ve always been a city kid, maybe it’s time to welcome a simpler life in the suburbs.