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Choosing the right college is ultimate outcome of your college search. Where do you want to spend the next four years? Which school will you be proud to call your alma mater? Check out our tips to help you with choosing the right college for YOU!


1. Don’t get caught up in reputation and recognizability

When it comes to choosing the right college to attend, a name brand college does not guarantee your success. Especially in high school, people are caught up in the name game. Students want to prove themselves to their friends and sometimes they equate acceptance to a big name school as proof their future is bright. It’s important to remember that everyone is different, and just because you aren’t going to an Ivy League doesn’t mean you won’t be as successful as those who do.


2. Know that size matters

Take a moment to think about who you are and what you hope to gain from your education. By asking yourself these questions, you can get a better sense of where you would thrive. If you prefer to have more intimate class sizes, know that your college doesn’t have to be bigger than your high school. Throw out all the expectations about how you believe college should be, and think about what is right for YOU.


3. You don’t have to pick a major to pick a college

There are some students who choose their colleges based on the best programs for their prospective majors. If you are undecided about your future, don’t sweat it! There are so many other factors that can play into your choice of college. Try looking at colleges with a variety of different majors and programs; that way, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore your interests. For tips on exploring majors, check out this article. 


4. Don’t worry about the admissions stats

A lot of universities accept more students than they deny, so don’t hold back from applying to certain schools in fear of rejection. Similarly, do not write off certain schools that you are more likely to get into. Just because it isn’t a reach school doesn’t mean that you won’t learn anything at that particular university. You can receive an exemplary education from all kinds of colleges.


5. Stay focused on the fit of the school

This includes the way it fits financially, academically, socially, and so on. Don’t attend a school just because all your friends are going there. This is YOUR education, and you should make decisions based on what is best for YOU. With so many colleges out there, you will definitely find one that fits perfectly!


This whole idea of choosing the right college ties into our purpose here at myOptions. We want to assist you in scoring the school that brings you knowledge, joy, inspiration, and security. Be sure to fill out your preference profile with all of your “must-haves,” so that we can help you make informed decisions that make your dreams come true!