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College visits help you determine which schools you could see yourself attending. Here is a list of ways to maximize the benefits of college visits:

Take notes

Right after your college visits, jot down some first impressions and thoughts about the school. This is especially useful if you’re using the same trip to visit multiple schools. You may find that a lot of the colleges blend together after a few tours. Having notes to review later will be useful when it comes time to compare your options. 

Notice the weather

If the weather is not ideal during your visit, think about how it might impact your opinion of that campus. You want to make sure you choose a college that is ideal for you, so don’t rule out a school too quickly if the weather left you with a bad impression.

Collect contact information

When learning about a school, it’s easier to reach out to people you’ve already met. That way, you can continue a conversation and show demonstrated interest. When on your campus tour, ask for your guide’s name and email. You may also want to ask for the card of your admissions counselor, so you can have their contact information as well. 

Send thank you notes

Whether you write a hand-written note or send a quick email, it’s always a good idea to thank the people helping you through this process. 

Campus visits aren’t over the second you step off campus. To make the most out of your time on campus (and make a great impression), continue showing effort and enthusiasm for the schools you see!