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College visits are an amazing time to determine whether or not you can see yourself attending certain schools, but if you really want to maximize the benefits, be sure to do these things after your college visits.


Take notes

If you have time right after your college visits, jot some notes down about your visit. If you’re visiting multiple schools on the same trip, you’re going to want to be able to review these later and if you don’t write things down immediately following your visit, schools can start to blend together.


Note what the weather was like

I can’t tell you how many times students’ opinions will be tainted by a horrible weather day on a certain campus (even though the school was actually ideal for the student). If you had a bad impression of a school that you visited on a rainy, freezing, or gloomy day, try to get back for a follow-up visit, or at least don’t rule it out so fast.


Get names & emails

Try to get the admissions counselors’ card and the tour guide’s name and email. If you ever have any questions in the future, it’s always nice to reach out to people you’ve already met so you can continue a conversation you might have already started and show continued demonstrated interest.


Send thank you notes

As a former admissions counselor, I cannot tell you how nice it is to receive a thank you note from a student. Whether you write a hand-written note or send a quick email, it will keep your name on people’s minds and will be a nice touch. It’s also always great to say nice things about the tour guide and recommend them to the admissions staff. It will make them look good AND make the admissions office happy that they picked a good representative.


Campus visits aren’t over the second you step off-campus. To make the most out of your time on campus (and make a great impression) be sure you give just as much effort and enthusiasm to what you do after your college visits as you did to prep for them!