Preserving Your College Acceptance

The myOptions Team

It’s official; you are going to college! All that time spent prepping for the SAT’s and working on college applications has finally paid off. You’ve chosen a college, put down your deposit, and already started searching dorm inspo on Pinterest. You’re livin’ the dream and never felt more #blessed. Senioritis seems to get worse with each day you go to school, but you’re not worried. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, don’t freak out, but colleges have the ability to rescind their offers of acceptance if they see fit. This can happen if there are any reports of misbehavior such as cheating, plagiarizing, or an arrest. If your grades slip drastically, that could also lead to a school revoking your admission. Here are a few ways to make sure you are on the right track to maintaining your status of admittance:

1. Finish strong.

Keep your grades up as best you can. We know, you’re over it, and you’re ready to move on to college. Just hang in a little bit longer! Consider taking more laid back electives such as art, music, or exercise classes.

2. Stay out of trouble.

Until you are at moving into the dorms and purchasing spirit wear at the bookstore, you should be on your best behavior. Don’t assume that you can just run wild now that you have been accepted to school.

3. Act fast.

If your grades are lower than usual, schools may send a letter of warning. If you receive a cautionary message, respond quickly to explain your situation.

While very few students get their offers rescinded, it happens. Here are some actions to take if it happens to you:

1. Contact your college.

Try to explain the circumstances for which the school is rescinding its offer; you may be able to appeal.

2. Negotiate admission by suggesting a first-semester probation.

Though you will have to maintain certain standards within your first year, at least you will still be able to attend.

3. Attend a local community college.

You’ll have the chance to get your grades up and then reapply as a transfer student.

All in all, you want to make sure all the time and effort you put into your college applications does not go to waste. Don’t stop running the race when you are so close to the finish line! With all that being said, if your college acceptance is rescinded, it’s not the end of the world. You will have other chances to continue your education!

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