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When it comes to being creative, the more you practice, the better. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to harvest innovation in your everyday routine! (Not all of them being art related). Try everything once, or form daily habits; it’s all up to you. You may have more than one area of creative interest, so here are some ways to keep your imagination running!

1. Spend some time in nature

Go for a run outside, bike around your neighborhood, swim in a lake, read on a balcony, plant flowers in a garden, hike at the beach, dance wildly at an outdoor concert, and so on! Bring a camera, journal, or a sketchbook in case you have a moment of inspiration or revelation. The possibilities are endless!

2. Try something you’ve never done before

You can try something artistic like knitting, painting, crafting, or learning to play an instrument. Entertain some adventurous ideas like ziplining, visiting a museum, or driving somewhere completely new with some friends.

3. Dive into your cookbooks and try a new recipe

Experimenting with cooking and baking is a prime way to integrate innovation into your regular rituals. Eating will always be a necessity! Use that as an opportunity to add some fun to your meal time and develop your creativity.

Studying great artists is an easy way to improve your own creative practice. Embrace the absurd and experience a type of art you aren’t used to. Because your mind is constantly trying to make sense of things, seeing something strange or surreal drives your brain wild. This has proven to be an impressive way to boost creative thinking.

5. Paint to music

Pay attention to lyrics, melody, rhythm, texture, and speed. When choosing a playlist, incorporate songs that have moved you or sparked emotion. Allow the visual representation of how you feel make its way onto the canvas.

6. Reimagine your environment

Try moving around furniture, rearranging your belongings, or giving the walls a new paint job. You could even transform the mundane task of cleaning your room into one that fosters positivity. Think of your living space as a reflection of your mind. Keeping things tidy will ensure you have a clear mindset when you come home after a long day.

7. Go through your wardrobe and create a new outfit

Fashion is another form of self expression that you can experiment with every single day. Get in touch with your inner child; if dressing up was something you liked as a little kid, this may be the perfect option for working your imagination! You can even take it one step further and begin designing your own patterns and garments.

8. Daydream

Look up different prompts, and unleash your untamed mind. Sometimes your best thinking occurs when your mind wanders. Perhaps you have found that some of your favorite ideas have come to you while giving your mind a rest. (Taking a shower or going for a walk).

9. Practice yoga

Yoga is all about connecting your mind, body, and spirit through meditation, poses, and breathing. While most people think of flexibility and strength, yoga is also an essential instrument for self expression. When you’re mind and body work in harmony, you have the ability to channel the creativity within.

10. Get involved within your community

Though it can be intimidating to put yourself out there, you will be more connected to your passions as a result, and you will have the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded individuals!

11. Stay in tune with your emotions

Whenever you experience strong emotions, focus that energy into your creative projects. No matter if your feelings are positive or negative, producing something in that zealous state could result in some valuable ideas!

12. Don’t stop at just one

The more ideas, the better. Once you have a handful of ideas that you like, reapply them to different situations. If you feel stumped, ask more questions. How can you do more? How can you think about this from a different perspective? For inspiration, check out different TED talks to get you thinking outside the box.

When it comes to creative brainstorming, taking action is essential. Many of us learn by doing, so don’t be afraid to dive right in and start whatever project you have in mind. We all know that feeling of effortlessness when we are doing something artistic. Psychologists refer to that feeling of timelessness as the “state of flow.” You know it’s happening when you have that feeling of being “in the zone.”

People find inspiration at different times in different settings. Once you figure out your own time and place that allows you to enter your own state of flow, you will be on your way to sharing your soul with the rest of the world! The more you experiment and get out of your comfort zone, the more confidence you will have in yourself and your ideas.