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You’re likely motivated to attend college because you see it as the pathway to a fulfilling career. Remember, there are all kinds of factors that lead to employability. Here are some ways to make yourself more competitive in the job search.


Get to know your professors by attending their office hours! You can learn from the real-world experiences they share, and you may have the opportunity to make more connections through their network. When you meet professionals in your field, ask for their business card! That way, you can send follow-up emails to thank them for their time, ad keep the connection going.

Gain experience

It’s important to gain exposure to your field while you are in school. This experience will help qualify you for future job opportunities and give you a solid foundation when you begin working full-time. This experience can come in the form of an internship, part-time job opportunity, or volunteer experience. If you make a great impression and there’s an opening, this could potentially turn into a full-time opportunity upon graduation. 

Get involved in your profession

If your college has a student organization for your major or career field, join it! This organization will surround you with students who have similar goals. You will also want to join the professional associations that exist for your field and attend professional conferences. Check with your student government to see if they have funding opportunities available to subsidize the cost of these conferences and/or association membership fees.

Visit the campus career center

The career center offers tons of free services dedicated to making you as employable as possible. They can help you in find an internship or part-time job, assist you with your resume and cover letters, facilitate mock interviews, sign up for career fairs, and so much more!

Clean up your social media

Your future employer will likely google search your name and check out your social media accounts. Be mindful about the things you choose to post online. Would you be embarrassed if your boss saw it? Learn more about cleaning up your social media with these tips.

Stay positive

During your job search, you may encounter disappointment and rejection. However, you will learn a lot about yourself! Remember, it’s called a “search” for a reason! Very rarely do people submit one application and become employed immediately; it’s going to take time. Don’t lose hope; good things will come your way!