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Cultivating a powerful work ethic will serve you well in the future. If you’re looking for some ways to improve your skills, check out these time management apps that will help you stay organized and productive!


1. Asana

If you’re looking for a task manager, Asana is an ideal option. Stay on track by adding tasks to your calendar display. Collaborate and assign tasks to yourself or other people. (Perfect for group projects!) Use it for school, work, chores at home, workout routines, and more. (Plus, completing your tasks and clicking the little green checkmark is SO satisfying!)


2. Trello

Another app that’s great for tracking tasks is Trello! Stay organized by customizing different boards for various responsibilities. Turn on notifications so that you never miss a deadline. With each board, you can build cards for personal use or share them with other users on your team. (Again, great for group projects!) 


3. Be Focused

With the Be Focused app, you can set a timer to make sure you don’t procrastinate. The logic of the app: we are much more productive for distinct intervals of time with short breaks in between. Manage your daily tasks, configure your break times, and follow your progress. Use it for a study day, throughout your week, or any other customized period of time.


4. Forest

For anyone that procrastinates with their phone, Forest might be the right option for you. List all the websites that distract you, and Forest will hold you accountable when you’re trying to get things done. When you want to focus on a task, you plant a virtual seed. If you complete the task without going onto the forbidden websites, the seed grows into a tree. If you’re unsuccessful, the tree perishes. When you spend virtual coins in the app, Forest plants a real tree with their partners Trees for the Future.  


5. Loop 

To manage your habits, consider Loop. No matter the habits you hope to revamp, Loop has got your back. When you establish a goal within the app, you will set behaviors to perform everyday. With this consistency, you will have the power to transform bad habits into productive rituals. Follow your habits as they change over time with detailed statistics and graphs.


6. Kiwake

For night owls with dreams of being early risers, Kiwake might just be the alarm clock for you. The app requires you to get up and take a picture of an object across the room, complete a game to wake up your mind, and then review your schedule for the day. Customize your morning routine that suits your needs, and you will never snooze again.

With these apps, we hope you improve your productivity and time management. If there’s an app you use that we don’t have listed here, let us know! Read this article to learn more tips for time management.