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Hey, everyone. We know that things are hard, weird, and confusing right now with all that’s happening with COVID-19. Your everyday may look entirely different than it did a couple of weeks ago, maybe even a few days ago. You’re probably feeling all kinds of anxiety, anger, and disappointment. We feel for you.


To all the seniors who were looking forward to graduation, we see you. To all the athletes who worked so hard for their upcoming season, we see you. For anyone missing the comforts of routine and normalcy, we see you. To all the people who are worried for the well-being of loved ones, we see you. And to anyone who is just stressing through all this uncertainty in general, we see you. 


In the weeks to come, most of you will be learning from home. We will be sharing helpful tips and information to help you push through these tough times. If you have questions about making a college decision or anything else related to college planning, don’t hesitate to email us at Let us know what you would like to see from us during this time. We want to offer support to anyone searching for it in whatever capacity we can.


Take a deep breath; we really are all in this together. Have compassion for yourself, and have compassion for others. Stay connected with your peers, and know that we are going to make it through this.