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Meet Theo, a junior at Princeton University majoring in Math with a minor in Anthropology. He previously attended Eton College in Windsor, England.

What factors were most important when deciding where to go to college?

  • Academics
  • Location
  • Support for student-athletes

In high school, I wish I would have tried…

Writing more! In college, there are plenty of opportunities to write for student newspapers, magazines, plays, or poetry slams. I’ve discovered that writing is something that I really enjoy. There were opportunities for me to write for the school magazine in high school, but it wasn’t related to anything else that I was doing. At the time, I didn’t really consider it, but I’m glad that I’ve discovered my passion for writing in college!

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc. are involved with on campus?

  • Lightweight Crew team, which is a varsity team practicing year round
  • I also write short stories and essay pieces for a school magazine

What are things you won’t read in the school’s brochure?

  1. Eating Clubs are a unique and important feature of student life at Princeton. You can choose to join one your sophomore year (about 60% of students do). That is where you eat your meals as an upperclassman, hence the name. The Eating Clubs also function a bit like fraternities/sororities (except they are coed), in that they all have a townhouse for their members. At this house, they host events both for members and other students, providing a close knit community where you can feel at home on campus.
  2. Another hidden feature of Princeton that I love is late meal. After the end of lunch and dinner in the dining halls, there is a food court open in the campus center where anyone with a meal plan can get food for free. It’s a great place to meet up with friends, get some food if you missed dinner, or if you’re just always hungry like me!
  3. One more thing you won’t hear about in the brochure is how keen the professors are to talk to and work with undergrads. Princeton is a small school, with only 6000 undergrads and 2000 graduate students.  Class sizes are small, so you can really get to know your professors well. I have been over for dinner at a professor’s house before, and they always love getting to know students. They are always willing to help you find research opportunities or assist with questions from class.

Best on-campus event:

Lawnparties! Twice a year, at the start of the fall and end of the spring, Princeton hosts a number of musical acts to come play. People make fun of Princeton stereotypes by dressing up in their preppiest outfits, watch the acts, and enjoy the food trucks that come out. Previous headliners have included Lil’ Dicky, Icona Pop, and Jeremih.

Favorite class:

I recently took an Anthropology course on debt, where we studied the human and social implications of debt and finance. We studied the 2008 financial crisis from an anthropological point of view. Specifically, we looked at how it changed the way people talk about finance and the place it has in our society. I found this to be a really interesting and new way to look at those events.

Favorite dining hall meal:

Pork Dumplings

On weekends, students:

Many students like to go out and party, but there are also plenty of people who just like to relax after a hard week of work. Many people also go visit either New York or Philly on the weekends. Both places are only an hour away by train, which leaves right from campus.

It’s 1AM on Saturday. Where are you?

Out partying with my friends at the Eating Clubs!

It’s finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go study?

If it’s in the spring, I love to study outside. Princeton has a beautiful campus with lots of grassy quads and shady trees to sit under, relax, or get some work done.

Before I graduate, I want to…

Win the national championships with the crew team!