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For graduating seniors looking forward to college in the fall, you may think that your work is done. We compiled a few of our blogs that will help you plan and prepare for college over the summer!

Completing Your To-Do List

This includes sending paperwork to your chosen college, making doctor’s appointments, and spending time with loved ones! For more inspiration, check out this list of things to do the summer before college.

Going to Orientation

If you aren’t sure what to expect at orientation, take a look at these reasons to attend. At many colleges, Orientation is an expected and important part of the preparation of attending college in the Fall.

Sending Your AP Scores or Dual Enrollment Credits

If you participated in AP courses or dual enrollment, it’s important to make sure your chosen college gets your scores and college grades. Here’s a guide to sending your AP scores and dual enrollment credits. You don’t want to miss out on using college credit you already have earned!

Preparing for Dorm Life

There’s more to dorm living than meets the eye! As you start to think about living on campus in the fall, here are some things to consider.

Moving to Campus

Move-In Day takes a bit of planning to make sure it runs smoothly. Check out these tips to help you prep for the big day!

We hope these resources serve you well in your summer before college!