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Though a criminal investigation may start at the crime scene and end in a courtroom, an essential part of the process is the forensic laboratory. Forensic science is the use of the physical sciences to analyze physical evidence in criminal investigations. Not all schools offer forensic science as a major, so we did a little investigating of our own. Here are 10 schools with a forensic science program and a unique feature of their curriculum.

1. George Washington University

Washington, D.C.

The George Washington University Department of Forensic Sciences prepares students with the expertise and skills such as technical knowledge, theoretical information, classical procedures, and modern forensic techniques. Because George Washington University is located in Washington, D.C., students will have access to the all sorts of federal crime labs and investigatory agencies! With these facilities, students have access to forensic science experts, competitive internships, and job opportunities.

2. University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL

The forensic science program at University of Central Florida teaches students the necessary courses for analyzing DNA and other biochemical evidence. To ensure success after graduation, the curriculum meets the requirements for ACS (American Chemical Society) certification. With restricted elective courses, UCF’s forensic science major gives students the knowledge to pursue a variety of careers in forensics.

3. Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI

The School of Criminal Justice at Michigan State University has modern lab facilities that contain equipment for the analysis of ANY type of physical evidence. This includes chromatography equipment for drugs, explosives, and arson evidence, microscopy techniques for trace evidence analysis, and genetic analyzers for the DNA analysis. In addition to their undergrad program, MSU has a graduate program that is designed to give students a broad theoretical and practical background in the scientific, legal, and investigative aspects of forensic science while providing the opportunity to study one of the major disciplines in depth.

4. Ohio University

Athens, OH

At Ohio University, the forensic science program works to prepare students from all angles, broadening job prospects. Their courses teach students to be forensic chemists as well as analytical chemists. Those who graduate with this degree will have the credentials necessary for employment in industries including crime labs, analytical labs, chemical industry, pharmaceutical labs, biomedical labs, metallurgy labs, paint/polymer industrial labs, cosmetic and fragrance labs, food manufacturers, and more!

5. Virginia Commonwealth University

Richmond, VA

The forensic science program at Virginia Commonwealth University provides students with fundamental learning in forensic laboratory analyses and crime scene investigation. This major offers concentrations in forensic biology, forensic chemistry, and physical evidence. Many of the courses cover topics such as biology, chemistry, and criminal justice. The B.S. in Forensic Science equips students for careers in forensic laboratories, basic research laboratories, and clinical laboratories.

6. Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA

Pennsylvania State University’s forensic science program offers a curriculum that provides hands-on training in crime laboratory methodologies and crime scene investigation techniques. This particular program has crime laboratories and crime scene training facilities to teach students the practices of modern forensics. Not only will students study chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics, calculus, trigonometry, and statistics, but they will learn to apply this knowledge to real life situations.

7. Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY

Syracuse University prepares future forensic scientists for a career in solving crimes through science. Studies span across fields of anthropology, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, psychology, and sociology. Students benefit from diverse coursework, real-world field experiences, and extensive lab resources. Syracuse is uniquely poised among universities to provide the comprehensive leadership and expertise needed to combat global terrorism, promote security, and support criminal forensic science.

8. Boston University

Boston, MA

Boston University trains aspiring forensic scientists in various disciplines applied to crime scene investigation and evidence analysis. Graduates that complete this degree will qualify to work as forensic scientists, DNA analysts, chemists, death investigators, and crime scene responders at the local, state, and federal levels.

9. University of New Haven

West Haven, CT

As a forensic science major at the University of New Haven, you will sharpen your powers of observation and learn how to identify and interpret evidence in a program endorsed by the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC). You will also have the opportunity to study in the world-renowned Henry C. Lee Institute for Forensic Science. This facility has the various resources for working crime-scene labs and high-tech visual displays.

10. Loyola University Chicago

Chicago, IL

Students pursuing forensic science at Loyola University Chicago will have the opportunity to learn in state-of-the-art facilities, giving them hands-on experience necessary for success. The coursework for this major includes anthropology, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, mathematics, and physics. To prepare for graduation, students will learn chemistry and biology skills, understand the criminal justice system’s rules of evidence, develop writing and speaking skills, and gain analytic reasoning abilities.

There plenty of different programs to choose from when it comes to studying forensic science. Be sure to utilize our school discovery tool to learn more about each school and their admissions requirements. From there, you can “like” a school to save it your profile to add to your visit or application list. Good luck on your college search!