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When furthering your education, it’s important to remember the variety of options out there. Online degrees are often overlooked as an alternative to the traditional college experience. Here are some reasons to keep online degrees on your radar: 


1. Save money

When pursuing an online degree, you won’t have to pay the typical expenses associated with college. This includes the costs of commuting, on-campus housing, and pricey meal plans. Many online programs have lower overall tuition costs or accelerated programs in which you can achieve your degree sooner. Some online programs may even offer textbook downloads for free.


2. Cater to your lifestyle

The convenience of online degrees usually appeals to working professionals and stay-at-home parents. However, online programs may work for anyone that wants a flexible class schedule. (For example, freelancers with unpredictable travel itineraries or people with night-time work schedules). 


3. Choose from a wide course selection

Not only does the internet give you access to programs from schools all across the nation, you may also find a program that fits your specific career goals. The versatility of online programs makes it easy to find a program that perfectly fits your passions. 


4. Learn in a comfortable environment

Yes, online degrees give the opportunity to attend classes at home in your fuzzy pajamas, and that is VERY cozy. But you will also have the comfort of learning at your own pace and asking questions in low-pressure environments. (Email, chat, and message boards). 


5. Discover yourself

Taking a few online classes is an ideal way to explore your options without making any huge commitments. It is also a low-risk way to try something new! (A great choice for students unsure about furthering their education or people hoping to test out potential career changes). 


6. Improve your skills 

Naturally, if you are taking online classes, you will advance your technical skills with computers. You will thrive in online training sessions and familiarize with all types of learning management systems. Additionally, students must have discipline, commitment, and stellar focus to succeed at online courses. Thus, earning an online degree could strengthen your work ethic. 


Clearly, there are many benefits to earning an online degree. With this information, you can now decide for yourself if it’s the right choice for you!