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As a high school sophomore, you already know where to sit at lunch and how to find your classes. Does that mean you should skip your appointment with your school counselor? Nope! Go to that meeting, and ask some of these questions:


Am I on track to graduate?

It’s basic, we know. HOWEVER, it’s important to know that you are on your way to finish high school. By looking over your transcript and class schedule with your counselor, you can know for sure that you are on the right track. 


Which AP courses would you recommend for me?

If your school offers AP courses, ask about them. These advanced classes are usually available starting with high school sophomores. (That’s you!) When you express interest, your school counselor can help you choose a class and add it to your schedule. 


Should I take the ACT or SAT?

It’s a great time to start thinking about standardized testing. In just one short year, you will be taking one or both of these exams. Talk with your counselor about your options, prepping strategies, and fee waivers


How can I start building my college resume?

When you were a freshman, you may have wanted to adapt to your high school environment before getting involved in tons of extracurriculars. Now that you are a high school sophomore, you should definitely join a club if you haven’t already! There are also other ways you can build your college resume: volunteering, working an internship, and more. 


Are there any scholarships/awards that I can work towards?

Ask your school counselor about scholarships and awards you can strive for. (For example, becoming a National Merit Scholar). When it comes time to apply for college, you will thank yourself for putting in a little extra effort during your sophomore year. 


Can you help me brainstorm ways to handle stress?

You don’t need us to tell you that high school is stressful sometimes. When things are overwhelming, your school counselor is a place to turn. Don’t hesitate to go to them with personal challenges unrelated to school. They want to be a resource for you!


By meeting with your school counselor, you can ensure you are making choices that will benefit you in the long run! Whether it’s taking small steps towards college prep or just talking out some tough emotions, your school counselor will be there for you.