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With a new school year on the horizon, we all want to make the most of high school. If you need help putting together your high school bucket list, here are suggestions for a quintessential high school experience.

  1. Take classes you actually want to take.
  2. Go to a football game!
  3. Find a mentor. This can be a teacher, coach, or school counselor.
  4. Participate in student government.
  5. Join clubs.
  6. Attend a musical.
  7. Help a fundraiser.
  8. Participate in a science fair.
  9. Volunteer!
  10. Do something nice for an underrated staff member.
  11. Give your favorite teacher(s) something for Teacher Appreciation Week.
  12. Start a journal.
  13. Make a scrapbook, and give it to someone you love.
  14. Cook a special dinner for your family. 
  15. Read more (for leisure).
  16. Write a song.
  17. Start a band.
  18. Learn how to drive.
  19. Experience another culture.
  20.  Learn another language.
  21. Try something brand new.
  22.  Keep up with current events.
  23.  Register to vote when you turn 18.
  24.  Attend a school dance
  25.  Audition for a play or participate in the stage crew.
  26.  Ask your crush out on a date.
  27. Try a new look.
  28. Take a roadtrip with your friends.
  29.  Support a cause.
  30.  Conduct a harmless prank. 
  31.  Apply for a job. 
  32.  Go to the movies without your parents.
  33. Save your money.
  34. Learn how to sew.
  35. Run for a leadership position.
  36. Go to sleep on time.
  37. Bring a shareable treat to class.
  38. Go out of your way to make someone smile.
  39. Stand up for someone else.
  40. Stand up for yourself.
  41. Go sledding.
  42. Go to school in pajamas.
  43. Help someone find their way to class.
  44. Stay optimistic.
  45. Give someone advice, or take someone else’s advice.
  46. Host a sleepover.
  47. Speak your mind.
  48. Take chances.
  49. Make amends.
  50. Start a blog or a YouTube Channel
  51. Go on a college visit.
  52. Connect with your inner child. (Reread your favorite childhood book series, favorite childhood movie, play hide and seek, or play dress up).
  53. Try a new food.
  54. Run a mile.
  55. Upcycle an item of clothing.
  56. Take a mental health day.
  57. Aim for straight A’s.
  58. Watch fireworks.
  59. Write someone a love letter.
  60. Explore career options.
  61. Apply for an internship.
  62. Be in the talent show.
  63. Pull an all-nighter.
  64. Jump into a pool fully clothed.
  65. Relax in a hammock.
  66. Throw a garage sale. 
  67. Do something for the environment.
  68. Donate blood. 
  69. Play in the rain.
  70. Don’t worry about documenting things with photos. Live in the moment, and don’t stress about appearances. 
  71. Play messy Twister with paint.
  72. Have a water balloon fight.
  73. Sleep all day.
  74. Get a car.
  75. Get home before curfew.
  76. Sleep under the stars.
  77. Learn how to handle stress.
  78. Keep in touch with people that leave for college before you.
  79. Make younger friends.
  80. Find something that makes you passionate.
  81. Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  82. Get your diploma.


Whether you’re a freshman or senior, it’s important to take advantage of all of the opportunities you have while you’re in high school. It only happens once, so make a bucket list of your own. Chances are, your journey will be bittersweet. Make sure you leave high school knowing you have experienced it to the fullest.