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Meet Grace, a junior at University of Rochester majoring in Jazz Saxophone Performance and Music Education. She previously attended Canandaigua Academy in Canandaigua, New York.

What factors were most important when deciding where to go to college?

The most important factors when I was deciding where to attend college were connection with faculty, school, and community, the amount of performance opportunity inside and out of the school, and financial aid/scholarships.

In high school, I wish I would have tried…

I wish I would have tried more extracurricular activities that didn’t involve music.

How would you characterize University of Rochester?

Outdoorsy and Liberal.

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc. are involved with on campus?

On campus I am involved in working in the Admissions Office, the Welcome Center, and ushering concerts at Eastman. I run a saxophone quartet reading session on the weekends that reads classical and jazz saxophone quartet pieces.

What are things you won’t read in University of Rochester’s brochure?
  1. There are recitals going on everyday, and there are so many new things that you can learn just by attending recitals.
  2. Eastman students perform at venues outside of Eastman all the time. Some even form their own bands and have well attended concerts!
  3. Reserving a classroom for a morning warm up is a good way to start the day: your sound is better in a larger room and there’s usually air conditioning as well.
Best on-campus event:

All recitals!

Favorite class:

Jazz Theory with Professor Dariusz Terefenko

Favorite dining hall meal:

Chicken Quesadilla

On weekends, students:

Rehearse, practice, give recitals, catch up on homework, hang out, and find time for non-music related hobbies.

It’s 1AM on Saturday. Where are you?

Going on my afternoon long run with friends before I attend 2 or 3 recitals later in the afternoon.

It’s finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go study?

I study on the couches in Kominsky Promenade, or if it’s nice outside, the benches across from Eastman.

Before I graduate University of Rochester, I want to…

Before I graduate, I want to join the Arts Leadership Program and earn a certificate, perform more original music of my own, run a marathon, and spend more time in Sibley Music Library.

Anything else awesome that we should know about your college?

Eastman School of Music at Rochester University is a garden for growth in musicianship and personal growth. I can say that I am so grateful to be in such a place and surrounded by people who have that fire to grow and learn.