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Colleges offer fly-in programs to make college visits accessible to all applicants. Typically, the spots in these programs are reserved for low-income students from underrepresented backgrounds. Read on to learn more about fly-in programs.


What is a Fly-In Program?

When you apply and gain acceptance to a fly-in program, you will be flown out to the school of interest for 2 or 3 days on an all-expense-paid trip. You will stay in a dorm with a student-host and go on college tours. You will also have a chance to attend informational events and meet with admissions and financial aid counselors.


Why Apply?

Learn more about the school

You will have a chance to ask questions and learn more about how the college will meet your needs and expectations. Being on-campus will give you a taste of the college experience to come. This can be super useful in forming your own opinion about the school. 


Make new connections

Upon arriving at the college, you will likely meet other students in the fly-in program. The people in your cohort may end up being your future classmates! It’s always easier to imagine yourself succeeding in college when you can interact with students in the same position as you. 


Ease the transition

Many students that participate in fly-in programs appreciate the familiarity of the school when they travel back for their freshman year. With a network of support already established, they feel more confident in their ability to succeed. 


When Do Fly-In Programs Happen?

Fly-in programs are offered in both the fall and the spring. Many occur in the fall take place in September or October. This gives students a chance to visit before submitting college applications. Colleges encourage you to research the schools you want to visit and prepare questions before you come. 


How Do I Find One?

The best way to find a fly-in program is to look on the website of the schools you are interested in attending. For more information, you can also reach out to a college admissions counselor over email, or make an appointment with your high school counselor. If the school you’re interested in has a program, requirements that will let you know if you qualify. It’s worth participating in if you can! Colleges want you to be able to experience their school in person so you can make a well-informed college decisions.