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Dorm room packing? You’ve got it all figured out with the trendy bedding, slick new laptop, and storage bins galore. However, when it comes to packing, often times we don’t realize we are missing essential items until after we arrive at the destination. Here are some sound investments you won’t regret upon move-in day!

1. First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, so keep a first aid kit handy. If there ever comes a time when you make your dorm hallway into a slip-n-slide, you’ve got the bandages and Neosporin to heal those bumps and bruises. Along with the first aid kit, you should stock up on some basic medications. (Living in close quarters with other people can get real germy). Protect yourself by staying equipped with some health supplements and cold medication such as NyQuil, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Emergen-C, Daily Vitamins, and so on.

2. Power Strips and Extra Long Phone Charger

Power outlets in your dorm room are rarely placed in convenient locations, and there won’t be enough outlets for everything that needs a plug. Save yourself some trouble and invest in a power strip (instead of extension cords which aren’t typically allowed due to fire hazards). The longer phone charger will be a lifesaver, too! (Especially if you decide to loft your bed).

3. Bluetooth Speaker

This speaker will be a great way to kick it and share some sweet tunes with friends. The fact that it’s Bluetooth makes it easy for anyone to connect. You can also connect it to your computer while you’re watching movies!

4. Command Strips & Hooks

Wall space is an excellent spot to hang and store items. Some schools don’t allow the use of nails, so command strips or equivalent wall hangers are your best bet. Use them for everything: hanging posters, twinkling lights, or photographs–anything your heart desires!

5. Door Stop

Sometimes, dorms have heavy doors that slam shut making it easy to remain isolated in your room. Keeping your door open for the first few weeks of school will invite neighbors and potential friends to come in and talk to you! So go right ahead and prop that sucker open!

6. Shower Shoes

Communal showers in college can be grimy and cause problems for your feet (plantar warts, anyone?). Even if your shower is private, shower shoes are still a good idea. Flip flops should work just fine, and you can purchase them for super cheap! Old Navy sells them for around $4 a pair.

7. Lounge Pillow and Mattress Topper

Lounge pillows are convenient when moving study time from your desk to your bed! And since dorm room mattresses are thin, adopt a cozy mattress topper to make sure you are catching Z’s every night. Both these items will keep you comfortable in small spaces. 

8. Drying Rack/Towel Hanger

Not all colleges provide a convenient place for you to hang your towel. It’s also helpful to have a drying rack to air dry clothes when necessary. Many drying racks sold in stores are foldable, light, and portable. (Note: this is not the same as a hanging rack.)

9. Wet Wipes

One thing to expect: your dorm is going to get messy. Unless you are cleaning regularly, expect things to get dusty and grubby. (Especially if you are hosting people in your room every weekend). Keep those wet wipes close by to keep things clean and sanitary!

10. Quarters

Unfortunately, not all colleges offer free laundry; many have coin-operated laundry machines that only accept quarters. Waiting until the last minute to exchange money for quarters can be such a drag, especially with a busy schedule during the semester. So get those coins ahead of time!

11. Storage Ottoman

This type of ottoman doubles as seating AND practical storage. The storage ottoman can serve as a prime way to kick up your feet and unwind after a long day. At the same time. it’s a perfect option for keeping your area clutter-free and creating space for hangouts in your room!

12. Whiteboard

A whiteboard can work in a couple different ways. It serves as a great calendar to track your assignments. You can employ it as a study tool when quizzing friends on their knowledge before an exam. You can also hang it on your door so that people can leave you a message while you’re out and about!

With these last minute items added to your dorm room checklist, you will be ready for anything!