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To all our high school and college graduates, we are thinking of you. We understand what it means to be graduating in this way, at this time. Our hearts go out to all the graduates feeling disappointed. To reach the finish line during a pandemic is a testament to your resilience. 


We want you to know that a graduation is not defined by the tangible ceremony. It’s not about turning the tassel or sitting in the bleachers waiting for your turn to cross the stage. Graduations are marked by the pride you see on your parents’ faces. It’s the shared moment of triumph with your friends and peers, as well as your aspirations to leave your mark on this world. It’s the things you can’t touch that make graduations so special. 


To the Class of 2020, congratulations. You did it! You should be so proud of your success, and look forward to your bright futures ahead. This is a joyous occasion no matter how you celebrate it. We decided to put together a video commemorating this occasion for the Class of 2020. Our team members wanted to give you words of encouragement for your next chapter. Take a look!