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One of the best parts about college is the memories you make outside of the classroom. Four years may seem like a long time, but it will go by in a flash. It’s important to pack a ton of experiences during this time, so that you can make it as memorable as possible. Here are some activities to check off your college bucket list before you turn that tassel!

1. Study abroad

If study abroad is an option for you, GO FOR IT. Experience the world, broaden your horizons, wander to your heart’s content! For more information, check out our article all about choosing a study abroad program. If you don’t have room in your budget for study abroad, look at our tips for funding this experience.

2. Explore your campus

We bet there are tons of cool places you don’t even know about! Once you discover all the secret nooks and hide outs, you can play one huge game of hide and seek with your friends! No? Too far? I tried.

3. Volunteer

Sign up for an on-campus event that revolves around service or explore other opportunities outside of your school. Take advantage of your free time by giving back to your community! If you want to spend more than just a day volunteering, explore your school’s alternative break trips! Volunteer work is a great addition to your college bucket list.

4. Go on a (real) date

In college, dating can be a bit of a lost art form, but going on a real date may prove a valuable experience when you start looking for a long term relationship in the future. Living in an environment surrounded by super cute people your own age should give you plenty of dating opportunities, so give it a whirl!

5. Throw a house party

Dance on a table with a lamp shade over your head; we won’t judge you! (But do it in a couple of years and we definitely will).

6. Show off your school to a prospective student

Glimpse into the future of your school by showing new students your favorite hang outs, buildings, and dining hall snacks. Don’t be surprised if you shed a tear or two as you share all your favorite memories from being on-campus.

7. Go to a sporting event

Even if you dislike sports, show your school spirit! See this as a chance to take a cheesy selfie with your mascot, cheer in the stands, and eat greasy food from the concession stand.

8. Sit in on a random class for fun

You might learn something new! Or you will be forever grateful that you never had to take Organic Chemistry to fulfill your English degree… ¯\(ツ)

9. Use your student discounts

Buy one pizza slice, get the second free? Sign us up, and check it off our bucket list.

10. Make a playlist of all your favorite songs you listened to in college

Nothing triggers the nostalgia quite like the songs you jammed to with you closest buds. When you finish composing the playlist, invite the squad over to dance and/or hug it out.

11. Clean up your online presence

Your future employers don’t need to know you are the reigning champion of flip cup. It may even be a good idea to Google search yourself and set up Google alerts with your name.

12. Visit Career Services

Career services will be there to help you begin your job hunt! From writing a resume, drafting a cover letter, hosting mock interviews, or attending career fairs. They will also be there to assist with grad school applications.

13. Go to the library

If you haven’t already, at least take a moment to just LOOK at all those free books!

14. Leave your phone at home

The next time you hang out with a friend, leave your phone behind. Allow some of these last moments on campus be just for you, undocumented.

15. Get a job on campus

Working a job during college can give you some side cash to use however you like. For some ideas, check out this list of on-campus jobs for students.

16. Take a road trip with your friends

What a time to be alive! No matter if the trip is near or far, planned or spontaneous, nothing can stop you and your best friends from embarking on a grand adventure.

17. Participate in a campus tradition

All colleges are different, so see what yours has to offer! Some schools even have bucket lists of their own, detailing all the traditions you should participate in before you graduate!

18. Give thanks

Think of all the people who helped you become the person you are today, and thank each and every one of them.


College is a place that fosters growth in all kinds of ways. This may be the last time you’ll freely explore yourself before adding variables such as careers and adult responsibilities. So make the most of your college experience, complete your college bucket list, and don’t take any of it for granted!