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No matter where you go to college, you are bound to have an enriching experience. Whether you are across the country or in a neighboring state, here are some advantages to going college far away from home!

1. You gain independence

Without your family or old friends nearby, you’ll have a tougher transition as you start this new chapter in your life. Having the ability to overcome challenges by yourself and adjust to a completely different environment will serve you well in the future. You will also be forced to go about logistical tasks by yourself (if you haven’t already). This includes doing your laundry, paying for parking tickets, refilling your own prescriptions, and so on!

2. You learn to be resourceful

Whether that means finding modes of transportation, locating the health center, or making a point to see your academic advisor during class registration… you will come to understand the benefits of using the tools at your disposal. You will soon recognize this to be a great quality when it comes to problem solving and brainstorming solutions.

3. You gain a new appreciation for your home

Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Because travel fares can be crazy expensive, you will probably see your family and close friends a few times out of the year. When you are distant from the people you love the most, you can’t help but miss the things you once took for granted. The good news? When you do go back for a visit, you will make the most of the time you spend with those you care about.

4. You get a fresh start

When you travel to attend school far away, take solace knowing that you can be whoever you want to be. When no one knows who you are, you escape all expectations and perceptions of who you were growing up (including the embarrassing moments you had in the sixth grade). There is a certain beauty that comes with the freedom to be yourself in this present moment.

5. You become a pro at traveling

By the time you’ve been living at school for a year, you will know all the best airlines and train stations, the perfect amount of clothes to pack, how to keep your luggage less than 50 pounds, and the exact number of minutes you need to get through airport security. NBD, piece of cake.

6. You escape your comfort zone

When you remain in your comfort zone, things are familiar, secure, and safe. You are calm and comfortable, free from any major worries or anxiety. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you have the ability to grow and transform. When you challenge yourself to try something new or go to places unexplored, you will discover hidden talents, passions, and realms of experience. When things feel scary, that is when you are the most alive.

7. You broaden your perspective

Going to live in a different part of the world, you’re bound to open your mind in all kinds of ways. Though college experiences tend to be similar across the United States, regional cultures can provide plenty of unique differences. You will likely meet people that come from various backgrounds, and learn how to interact with those who differ from you. This kind of exposure to new ideas and experiences is crucial to becoming a well-rounded adult.


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