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Scholarships 101

Let’s be real - a big part of college planning (and worries) surround paying for school. A college’s “sticker price” AKA the price before any sort of financial aid is applied, can be enough to make you want to cross a school off your list immediately. However, you shouldn’t allow costs to restrict your search or discourage you from applying to more expensive institutions because there may be the opportunity for scholarships and grants to come to your rescue. Scholarships and grants are considered gift aid. Gift aid is the best kind of aid you can receive because it’s free money that you do not have to pay back. Definitely, take note that some gift aid is just a one-time thing whereas some may be renewable awards. Grants are typically based on your financial-need determined by your FAFSA application, so be sure to fill that out each year you are in college. Scholarships are usually based on certain qualifications that are not based on your financial need.

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