Student Spotlight: Sydney @ James Madison University

The myOptions Team

Meet Sydney, a senior at the James Madison University majoring in Psychology. She previously attended Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, Virginia.

What factors were most important when deciding which college to attend?

Location, people, academics, and extracurriculars

In high school, I wish I would have tried...

to engage more in finding my passion

How would you characterize your school?

Mainstream, Party, Activist, Outdoorsy, and Liberal

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc. are you involved with on campus?

Professional International Service Fraternity (Delta Phi Epsilon) and a club that offers a free camp every summer for kids who have been affected by a parent's cancer (Camp Kesem at JMU)

Three things you won't read in your school's brochure:
  1. The orientation program is great.
  2. Clubs make it super easy to be involved.
  3. JMU has A LOT of school spirit.
Best on-campus event:


Favorite Class:

That's hard. I really loved my GenEd English class during the fall semester of my Sophomore year.

Favorite Dining Hall Meal:

Hummus wraps! We have a lot of unhealthy food on campus, so I thought I'd give a shout out to JMU for including wholesome food as well

On weekends, students:

Party... a lot! JMU isn't only about partying though - we have a lot of great places to go hike, community service opportunities, football games, places to get brunch, go out for drinks, go to the pool, see an underground student-run concert in downtown Harrisonburg at one of the show houses, get involved with DJ-ing in EDM club

It's 1 AM on Saturday. Where are you?

At a friend's birthday, a party with one of my clubs, a party at a friend's, or sleeping

It's finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go study?

I don't go to the library! I usually like to move around because of my anxiety, so I head to a local coffee shop, study in my apartment, or sit on a deck if it's warm out

Before I graduate, I want to...

Do a crazy beach week for Spring Break, go hiking/camping for a weekend in the mountains, experience the wineries near to JMU, head to the escape room in downtown, try drinks from all of the good restaurants downtown, DJ for a party once I get enough practice in, and start my own healthy living blog!

Anything else awesome that we should know about your college?

One of the great aspects of going off campus in JMU gear: You will always find someone else who graduated from JMU or who is currently going and there's always something positive people say about it :)

James Madison University

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