Student Spotlight: Nadia @ George Mason University

The myOptions Team

Meet Nadia, a senior at the George Mason University majoring in Community Health. She previously attended Sacred Hearts Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii.

What factors were most important when deciding which college to attend?

Cost, had my major (which at the time was nursing)

In high school, I wish I would have tried...

more shadowing opportunities in the health field! I cannot emphasize this enough!!! Simply trying things would have given me the insight I am still seeking now!

How would you characterize your school?

Activist, Techie, Liberal

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc. are you involved with on campus?

Catholic Campus Ministry, Anointed Vessels of Unity (worship dance team), Roosevelt @ Mason (policy club), MedX GMU (global health club) and I work as a nanny and have also been a research intern

Three things you won't read in your school's brochure:
  1. Our marketing department makes really cool promotional videos :)
  2. We don't have a football team and our basketball team is on the up-and-up still, but our pep band is remarkable and the intramural sports community is great, not to mention club teams.
  3. There are so many opportunities for dialogue between groups that may not see eye-to-eye. These groups are working for reconciliation and unity, or at least understanding, and it's SO neat!
Best on-campus event:

iWeek! We are the most diverse campus in the nation and during Internation Week (iWeek) we celebrate the dozens of cultures represented in the student body with food, cultural activities, dance... it's awesome!

Favorite Class:

Global Health (GCH 205) - fulfills your Global Understandings core credit and convicted me to change my major to Community Health!

Favorite Dining Hall Meal:

Tuna salad wrap or anything from "The Globe" - the dining hall located in the International Student Housing

On weekends, students:

Go into DC or Fairfax or hang out on campus going to free performances

It's 1 AM on Saturday. Where are you?

At home asleep :) Or hanging out with friends (we live off campus) playing guitar or having a bonfire with deep conversations

It's finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go study?

In the Johnson Center - also packed but you can usually find room there or there are other random study areas in most buildings, some of which are really neat

Before I graduate, I want to...

Run through the fountains in North Plaza

Anything else awesome that we should know about your college?

I think GMU is seriously underrated! It is an incredible school with students coming up with many incredible ideas (using sound waves to douse fires, using hearing aid batteries to power infant life-saving devices for third-world hospitals, etc.) and there are lots of professors who are remarkably skilled and have great stories to share about the work experience. The administration works SO hard to anticipate and meet student needs and they are very open-minded too.

George Mason University

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