Student Spotlight: Mackenzie @ Davidson College


Meet Mackenzie, a sophomore at Davidson College in Davidson, NC. She previously attended Elwood John H. Glenn High School in Elwood, New York.

What factors were most important when you decided to go to your school?

School size, academic rigor, class size, quality of people going to the school, campus environment, and athletic program (specifically women's lacrosse).

In high school, I wish I could have...

Done a summer internship or shadowing.

How would you characterize your school?

Mainstream, Nerdy, Conservative, and Outdoorsy.

How would you characterize your group of friends?

Geographically diverse.

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc are you involved with on campus?

Division 1 women's lacrosse, FCA (fellowship of Christian athletes), E.P.I.C. Room in the Inn (homeless come to campus, get dinner, and spend the night)

Three things you won't read in your school's brochure
  1. Professors take the time to get to know each student and form a relationship. They really care how students are doing, not only in their class but how they are in general. They always extend help where needed and make sure each student has the tools they need to succeed.

  2. Davidson community cares for the mental well being of the students. Providing activities for distress, whether it be a Harry Potter dinner in our dining hall during the semester, free baked goods from people in the community during finals, free massages during finals, or a study break with puppies. Davidson goes above and beyond to care for their students.

  3. The social scene is very inclusive. Whether or not you join fraternities or eating houses, the parties held in all the houses are open to anyone who wants to come.

Best on-campus event

Frolics, Winterfest, and concerts organized by the union board. They're events on campus with food, music and other activities and they're always a ton of fun. Also, lectures during common hour (an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the afternoon when classes aren't held). One of the best ones this year was when Sonya Sotomayor came to campus and spoke.

Favorite class

Medical Humanities.

Favorite dining hall meal

Chicken Parmesan.

Favorite place to eat out around campus


How did you spend your last summer?

Last summer was my summer going into freshman year. I spent my time hanging out with friends, going to graduation parties, working camps, and working out.

On weekends, students...

Kick it on campus.

It’s 3am on a Saturday. What are you doing?

Since the parties stop at 2 am, I'm either getting cookout with friends, hanging in someone's room or going to sleep.

It’s finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go to study?

The library is open 24 hours and there's always a place to study in there. However, if it were packed I would study in a classroom in Chambers or in the union.

Before I graduate, I want to…

Study abroad; Davidson has a large selection of programs during the fall, spring, and summer.

Davidson College

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