Student Spotlight: Lauren @ Georgetown University


Lauren is a sophomore Government and Spanish double major at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She is originally from Long Island, NY and attended Syosset High School.

What’s on your playlist?

A mix of everything! For studying, I listen to a lot of The Script, One Republic, and Coldplay.

What’s a book that inspired you?

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell.

Morning person or night owl?

Morning person!

Favorite way to take a study break?

Grabbing coffee or ice cream with a friend.

Favorite late night snack?


Favorite app/gadget/tools?

Snapchat! I like being able to see what life is like at different colleges by seeing the pictures my friends from home send throughout the day.

I really love my…

friends I made at Georgetown (I know it’s cliché to say but they’re definitely the best part about it!)

Favorite travel destination?

Anywhere with an ocean…I’m a beach bum.

Would you have done anything differently in high school? If so, what?

There’s not much I would have done differently in high school. I think that taking the most rigorous schedule is definitely beneficial because there won’t be as big of an adjustment once you get to college. However, keeping this in mind I would definitely recommend really thinking about your strengths and weaknesses. I definitely wasn’t a science expert, so I chose a regular physics course instead of the much more difficult AP version. Not taking one (or a few) advanced classes probably won’t make that much of a difference in the long run, and you don’t want to spend all of high school just doing homework!

How did you decide what school you were going to go to?

Even before I ever set foot on campus, I knew that Georgetown was the school for me. I always had been interested in politics so I loved that it was in DC. I also was really intrigued by Georgetown’s Jesuit identity, with its commitment to educating the whole person (known as cura personalis) and promoting discussion between a variety of viewpoints. One of my other favorite features is that Georgetown is a complete campus, located in a mostly residential neighborhood but also in a large city. I thought this was a good compromise between attending a rural or urban school.

Top 5 things you won’t read in the brochure about Georgetown University:
  1. How great the Georgetown neighborhood is. Just beyond the front gates to the University (located at 37th and Streets NW) the neighborhood of Georgetown is largely residential. The area is home to current Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, and tons of current upperclassmen Hoyas! Besides the brightly colored and vibrant townhouses, the two main arteries of Georgetown — M Street and Wisconsin Avenue — are filled with some of the best stores, restaurants, and dessert places in DC.

  2. The immense opportunities for learning from leading experts outside of the classroom. Over the past year that I have attended Georgetown, there have been lectures held by former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former First Lady Laura Bush, the CEO of Chanel, and the CEO of Chipotle. They are all completely free for students and are hosted by the Lecture Fund (a student organization), just make sure you line up early to get a spot!

  3. DC is your playground! Even though it’s easy to get wrapped up in the Georgetown bubble and never leave the northwest DC neighborhood, the opportunities afforded by being in Washington, DC are immense. Many students run to the monuments for a workout, visit the Smithsonian museums for class field trips, and work as interns in the Capitol.

  4. If you have a sweet tooth, Georgetown is definitely the place for you! The most famous dessert place is Georgetown Cupcakes, the bakery that rose to fame on the TLC reality show DC Cupcakes. The line is almost always long though, and locals know that nearby Baked and Wired’s cakecups (giant cupcakes) are even better! To add to the competition, there’s also Sprinkles cupcakes, a Beverly Hills based chain. When visiting campus, definitely try to check them all out so you can decide for yourself which ones are the best!

  5. As a student, but especially as a freshman when making the transition to college, there will be tons of support on campus available to help make it easier. Beyond Resident Advisors (RAs), which are typical to most college dorms, all freshmen floors at Georgetown have their very own Chaplain-in-Residence. Officially, these individuals’ jobs are to provide spiritual guidance for students (there are chaplains of all different religions), however, they really are instrumental in helping to create an inclusive community in freshmen dorms. Each chaplain hosts his/her own activity once a week. For example in my dorm, one chaplain baked cookies and had ice cream to make ice cream sandwiches and another had weekly quesadilla and brownie nights. Every week these activities provided a quick and delicious study break and definitely help students get to know one another better.

Georgetown University

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