Student Spotlight: Kristen @ Chapman University


Meet Kristen, a sophomore Communication Studies major at Chapman University in Orange, California. She previously attended Port Chester High School in Rye Brook, New York.

What factors were most important when you decided to go to your school?

Whether the college had the potential majors that I was interested in was important to me. I also considered if the school was in a safe area and if I felt at home and comfortable spending at least the next four years of my life there.

In high school, I wish I could have...

Known that "popularity" means nothing in the real world

How would you characterize your school?

Mainstream, Artsy, Liberal, and Outdoorsy.

How would you characterize your group of friends?

Geographically diverse.

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc are you involved with on campus?

I am a member of the National Honor Society of Leadership and Success and the Italian Club.

Three things you won't read in your school's brochure
  1. Greek Life is a major part of the campus but there is no Greek Row.

  2. Disneyland becomes less fun when you go at least once a week/you don't need to have a season pass just because most people do (the park is only a 10-minute drive from Chapman).

  3. There is a connotation and stereotype to every major.

Best on-campus event

Midnight Breakfast/Undie Run during finals week.

Favorite book / class

Mass Communication.

Favorite dining hall meal

Quinoa salad at the vegan station.

Favorite place to eat out around campus

Kimmie's Diner.

How did you spend your last summer?

I spent last summer (the summer before my freshman year of college) at home, spending time with my family and friends. I did not have a job.

On weekends, students...

Do their own thing.

It’s 3am on a Saturday. Where are you?


It’s finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go to study?

My dorm room (alternating between my bed and my desk).

Before I graduate, I want to…

Find a solid group of friends that I will have after we enter the real world and go our separate ways. I would also like to learn as much about myself and the world as I learn in my classes.

Chapman University

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