Student Spotlight: Jillian @ The College of William and Mary


Meet Jillian, a senior Psychology major at The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Jillian is originally from Syosset, NY and attended Syosset High School.

What’s on your playlist?

An embarrassing amount of show tunes. Also, Frozen (is Frozen still cool? I don’t care, I still love Frozen).

What’s a book that inspired you?

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. Insanely inspirational but also makes you take a good hard look at the world.

Morning person or night owl?

Morning! However, I like my mornings best in bed with a laptop.

Favorite way to take study break?

There’s nothing like getting some hot cider in Colonial Williamsburg, but if it’s raining or just too cold, I can marathon HGTV like they’re paying me. They’re not paying me, but if they wanted to, I would be all over that.

Favorite late night snack?

Wawa Mac and Cheese/Ben & Jerrys (Coffee Heath Bar Crunch). Though eating the late night snack is not nearly as fun as going with people to get a late night snack.

Favorite app/gadget/tools?

This is really embarrassing to admit but my most used app is probably Google maps because I really hate being lost. My favorite app is probably Kindle because I hate being stuck anywhere without something to read.

I really love my…

Car. His name is Jeffery, he’s bright yellow, and he dreams of one day becoming a school bus.

Favorite travel destination?

I just spent 3 weeks studying abroad in Italy and the first thing I thought of when I left was “When can I go back?” It’s not just the food (though let's be honest, it’s the food) but the entire country is so beautiful. I only got to see a little bit of it, and I want to see the whole thing.

How did you decide what school you were going to go to?

I was fairly obsessive about researching schools and I was insanely picky. Every school I found was lacking the spark that inspired me to want to go there. I always could see the good, but nothing felt like it was good for me. When I came to William & Mary to tour I just had a gut feeling that it was right. The students were so warm and friendly, everyone I interacted with made me smile and couldn’t stop telling me how perfect and amazing the school was. It was the perfect combination of brainy and cooperative. It’s the type of place where an entire class will collaborate on a study guide because we all want each other to succeed. It also has a great sense of humor about everything, which I love. It ended up being the only school I actually applied to because I got in early decision (but I had all of the other applications for my other schools filled out!!!).

Top 5 things you won’t read in the brochure about The College of William and Mary:
  1. The “secret” tradition at William & Mary is the Triathlon. Streak the Sunken Gardens, Swim the Crimm Dell, and Jump the Governors Wall. It’s best to do it with friends.

  2. Taylor Revely (our President) is a bit of a Rock Star to students. You won’t get it until you hear him speak, but trust me, he’s a rock star. Getting a picture with him is still on my college bucket list.

  3. We’re not necessarily what someone would call “good” at sports. However, sit by the Pep Band at football games, you’ll have a lot more fun! Also try playing an IM sport, even if you’re terrible, you’ll have a lot of fun.

  4. L.D.O.C AKA: Last day of classes. AKA: Blowout. It’s our giant party day in the spring, and its tamer younger brother is in the fall. They set up a carnival on the Sunken Gardens and there’s free food everywhere. Even if you don’t drink, it’s a really great day.

  5. (Shameless Plug) Sandbox Improv is the number one, funniest, best looking comedy group on campus; go to all of their shows.

College of William and Mary

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