Student Spotlight: Jack @ Indiana University (Bloomington)


Meet Jack, a junior Finance & Real Estate major at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. He previously attended Kirkwood High School in Kirkwood, Missouri.

What factors were most important when you decided to go to your school?

I was lucky enough to be a Direct Admit to the Kelley School of Business, so that played a really big role in my decision. My older brother went to IU, so I had followed Hoosier basketball for a long time, and the school offered me good scholarship money. Ultimately, I visited the school and immediately fell in love with it, and everything fell into place.

In high school, I wish I could have...

Known how valuable taking AP classes is in the long-run.

How would you characterize your school?

Mainstream, Greek, Conservative, and Outdoorsy.

How would you characterize your group of friends?

We're all pretty similar.

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc are you involved with on campus?

Indiana University Dance Marathon – We stand for the kids that can't! I help to put together the annual dance marathon on campus. It's one of the largest student-run philanthropies in the world, benefitting Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. Phi Gamma Delta fraternity – Greek life is a great way to get involved at IU. I definitely recommend giving it a try if it's something that interests you!

Three things you won't read in your school's brochure
  1. How much you're pushed to succeed. I’m thrilled by the support of my professors and peers and how their help has motivated me to succeed in class.

  2. How incredible the social atmosphere is. Any time you spend away from studying will most likely be spent doing something fun with your friends. There is always something to do around campus, and there's so much to get involved with to keep yourself busy.

  3. The value of the relationships you'll build. I came to IU as an out-of-state student knowing nobody, and after one semester at IU I could confidently say I had met most of my best friends for life. Every Hoosier, including alumni, have respect for one another and are more than willing to do favors for you, whether that's getting you talking to the right people when it's job search time, arranging an interview with their firm, etc.

Best on-campus event:

Little 500, no question. It isn't called "The World's Greatest College Weekend" for nothing.

Favorite class:

Government, Society and Business with Steven Kreft.

Favorite dining hall meal:

I never had much dining hall experience, but Forest is probably the best one. You can get great burrito bowls there.

Favorite place to eat out around campus:

Probably the Big Cheeze.

How did you spend your last summer?

I spent last summer in St. Louis working as a salesperson at Nordstrom. It was a great experience that got me interested in further exploring a career with lots of face-to-face interaction.

On weekends, students...

Kick it on campus.

It’s 3am on a Saturday. What are you doing?

Either at the fraternity house for a party, at the bars with friends, or getting food on Kirkwood (the main road in Bloomington where all the good bars and late night food are). House parties are a huge part of the Greek life, and those will dominate most of your free late nights until you're 21 and can go out to the bars.

It’s finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go to study?

I typically like to study at my fraternity house in the study rooms or at the computer lab right next door. There are always quiet places to study all around campus.

Before I graduate, I want to…

Get more and more involved with IUDM (IU Dance Marathon). Right now, I am a subcommittee chair, but I would love to move up the ranks. Being a member of the Executive Council would be such an incredible experience, and I know I'd get so much out of it. I'm going to continue to work my hardest to ensure that DM has continued success and the ability to change people the way it changed me.

Indiana University-Bloomington

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