Student Spotlight: Isabelle @ Oberlin College


Meet Isabelle, a junior Classical Civilizations and Religion major at Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH. She grew up in Manhattan and attended the Abraham Joshua Heschel School.

What factors were most important when you decided to go to your college?

Size, average size of classes, general dedication to social justice, general dedication to the arts, and diversity in interests.

In high school, I wish I could have...

...taken AP classes and known that having credits when going into college actually does make an impact. My high school didn't offer AP classes — just honors.

How would you characterize your school?

Hipster, Liberal, Artsy, and Outdoorsy.

How would you characterize your group of friends?

Racially, religiously, and geographically diverse

What types of clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc are you involved with on campus?

Chabad Student Board; Kosher-Halal Co-op (shared cooking and dining space, observing Kashrut and Halal); And What!? (hip-hop dance group); Oberlin Annual Fund Phoning Office; Catering; and ABC's of ASL (American Sign Language) — this is part of the ExCo (Experimental College) program at Oberlin, which allows anyone such as students, spouses of faculty, or townsfolk to teach classes at nights or on weekends.

Things you won't read in your school's brochure:
  1. Everyone's spirits skyrocket when the sun comes back at the end of April after exclusively gray skies from November.

  2. The people who work in the financial aid office are actually angels and wonderful individuals.

Best on-campus event

Rock the Block: on the last day of reading period in the spring, the school breaks out a carnival-like event on the green right outside the library with grilled food, bouncy castles and other inflatable obstacle courses, and of course, great music.

Favorite class:

RELG 245: Medical Ethics

Favorite dining hall meal:

Fourth meal: Sundays-Thursdays from 10pm-11:30pm one cafeteria (Dascomb) serves another meal. Depending on the night, it might be breakfast for dinner, wings night, or carnival themed.

Favorite place to eat out around campus:

Kim's Take-Out

How did you spend your last summer?

I worked as a counselor at a summer camp.

On weekends, students...

Do their own thing

It’s 3am on a Saturday. What are you doing?

Coming home from a late night blues dance or sleeping...but probably sleeping.

It’s finals week and the libraries are packed. Where do you go to study?

Check another library, work in the atrium of the science center, try to get a table at Slow Train or The Local (both coffee shops) but that would be pretty hard too; so I would probably study in my co-op.

Before I graduate, I want to…

...have a one-on-one with President Krislov, choreograph a piece for my dance group, and write an incredible capstone for my religion major and present it at the Senior Symposium!

Oberlin College

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