Passing the Time While Waiting for Admissions News

The myOptions Team

With college apps done and submitted, you may encounter an array of mixed emotions. Don’t be alarmed if your mood ring turns a muddled brown. (Assuming you have a mood ring. Stay groovy, fam). Regardless, we have a nifty list of tips that will help you pass the time as you wait on your admissions news.

1. Make sure you submitted everything.

Check on the status of your application to ensure all the necessary components were received. Many schools allow you to look online to make sure they have your application, transcripts, and all that jazz. If you can’t find it online, contact the admissions office.

2. Be patient and don’t worry.

The rest is now out of your hands, so it’s not worth any freakouts. If you start to feel anxiety, turn on some relaxing music, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing. Journaling is another comforting way to delve into your emotions and gain a little perspective. Refrain from calling the admissions office to ask about the status of your application; they won't be able to give you any information you don’t know already and you don’t want to be THAT applicant.

3. Plan ahead.

Make sure you have plans A, B, C, D etc. in case you don't get into your school of choice. If you haven’t already created a few backup plans, consider writing down all of your favorite things about your top school and look for schools with similar characteristics. Also, this is a great time to get started on things like your FAFSA application if you haven’t already.

4. Give thanks.

Make cards, write emails, or pick some daisies for all the people that helped you through the application process. This includes school counselors or teachers who wrote recommendations, friends who proofread your essays, and parents who provided moral support through it all. During a time of distress, showing gratitude will keep your heart at peace.

5. Stay positive.

Just because the decision process takes time doesn’t mean that you weren’t accepted. Think bright thoughts! The waiting game will be over soon, and you will have your news. If there are friends receiving acceptance letters before you, try to stay supportive. Your time will come too.

6. Enjoy your last year of high school!

Spend time with friends, hang out with your family, and pet your dog (or pet hamster). Your life is on the brink of changing completely. This may be your last time living at home or enjoying your life without an abundance of responsibility.

If you really had your heart set on one school, keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps there is a better option out there for you. If your heart is still set on your dream school, remember that you will always have the opportunity to transfer. No matter what happens, this is your journey. For the time being, embrace these fleeting moments of uncertainty.

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