New School Year. Who Dis?

The myOptions Team

Whatever your mantra is for the new school year, OWN IT. I encourage all of the metaphorical turning over of new leaves in order to make this school year the best yet.

With the last few weeks of summer upon us, here are some things you can do now to set yourself up for success this school year and that your future self will love you for.

Start setting an alarm clock.

Waking up early is probably one of the most dreaded aspects of starting the school year. It can be a pretty rough adjustment, especially if you’ve lived the oh-so-liberating alarm free lifestyle for the past few months. I’d recommend starting to set an alarm a week or two before school starts to ease into the early morning wake-up call. That doesn’t mean on the first day of alarm setting you need to set an alarm for 6:30 am, but take baby steps towards your school-year wake-up time to get adjusted. If you adhere to this, you’ll find waking up for the first day of school feels a lot less like ripping a band-aid off.

Start going to bed earlier.

Have you been a night owl this summer? In order to make that new early morning wake-up call more tolerable, give yourself the gift of sleep by making a conscious effort to go to bed earlier. Do you have a habit of falling into the depths of YouTube and it’s suddenly 2 am? 110% guilty. The trick I use to avoid this is to plug my phone in across the room. It’s far enough away that I can’t access it in bed, but close enough that I can still hear my alarm in the morning. This also eliminates the temptation to hit snooze 12 times in the morning because you have to physically get up and out of bed to turn your alarm off.

Clean your room.

I’m sure this is exactly what you wanted to do in your last few weeks of summer! Butttt, when the long school days return won’t it be nice to come home to a clean room? Or if you are like me, cleaning is my favorite activity to do when avoiding homework, so remove that exciting temptation entirely.

Set goals.

What do you hope to accomplish this year? Whether it’s striving for that perfect 4.0, to stop much, or stepping outside of your comfort zone by joining a new student organization, write it down! This will give you something to reference when you are in need of a little bit of motivation. Also, keep your goals somewhere where they can be easily referenced. Whether that’s a note in your phone, a note on the inside of your locker door, or on your mirror, visual reminders can help keep you on track. Be sure to tell someone about your goals too! Whether that’s a friend, parent, sibling or teacher, an accountability ally is huge because let’s be real, nothing feels better than telling someone you care about that you accomplished a goal.

Get organized.

Chances are you will have your class schedule ahead of time, so double check that and make sure everything is 100% accurate and start memorizing the flow of your day. If 99% of your morning struggle is finding (clean) clothes to wear, first be sure all of your laundry is done, and then set out all of your outfits for the first week. If you have your supply list in advance, be sure to get those together and have your backpack all packed up and waiting by the door for your first day. Be sure to digitally organize yourself too by making new folders on your computer for all of your upcoming courses. This is also a good chance to file away any assignments from last school year so they are distant but accessible memories.

Get excited!

A new school year brings a fresh start. With each new year, you are wiser and more experienced than the previous so use your own insight and this opportunity for a fresh start to your advantage and do awesome things this school year!

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