How to Transition from a Rural Setting to City Lights

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For years all I had ever known were dirt roads, agriculture, strips malls, and 18 wheelers. When I came to the city, I learned a whole new way of life. Though I felt overwhelmed, awestruck, and a bit confused at times, I don’t regret leaving my home one bit. Without a doubt, it was a large transition coming from a rural area and moving to a metropolitan setting. If that’s a leap you’re ready to make, then I’m here to catch you on the other side. Until then, here’s some guidance in preparing yourself for an expansive community and adopting an urban mindset.

Do Your Research.

Pay attention to crime rates in your area and educate yourself on laws and safety precautions. Like I said, city life is a lot different from growing up knowing everybody in town. And with your parents miles away, it’s up to you to make sure you are making safe decisions. Get started by using Google Maps to learn the streets, neighborhood, and bus routes around campus. Tour the campus (or take a virtual one), and always read what’s happening in the news to stay informed.

Ask Lots of Questions.

Your school is your greatest resource! Don’t be afraid to ask questions because your admissions counselors want to help you. (Literally. It’s their job). Follow your school’s Facebook page and befriend some of the current students. Some schools have student ambassadors that are available to answer questions about the campus atmosphere and student life. Your Resident Assistant (RA) is a great resource as well to help ease this transition. There are sure to be many online resources available to you, check to see if your campus has an app that includes maps of the facilities to help you familiarize with your surroundings. Universities want students to feel prepared when it comes time for classes, so if you ever need help, they’ve got your back.

Don’t Let a New Environment Scare You.

At times the city may be overwhelming; you may stress about getting lost or yearn for your life back at home. These are all incredibly normal emotions that a lot of students experience in college regardless of where they’re from. With enough time to adjust, the city will become more and more familiar, and one day it won’t seem so daunting anymore. Let’s be real, change is difficult, and it may result in a bit of anxiety. Think of your college experience as a time to grow and branch out.

Understand That There’s a Different Way of Doing Things in the City.

Be sure to note the change of pace when making the switch to city life. Cities often bear scenes of crowds moving swiftly down bustling streets. In comparison to the suburbs and countryside, city people move faster without dilly-dallying. (Notice how fast that grocer rings up your bags!) To assist in adjusting to this fast-paced lifestyle, I would recommend exploring with a friend that knows the area well and take the time to grow accustomed to your new home.

Best of luck on this new adventure! Enjoy this transition, grow from fresh perspectives, study hard, and (most importantly) HAVE FUN!

Post courtesy of Ijaaz Cousin

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