How To Get Out Of Sorority Recruitment Alive


The new school year is quickly approaching, along with the daunting task of joining a sorority and going through recruitment. Whether you have planned on being in a sorority since you were three years old or decide the day before recruitment that you want to be a part of an organization, recruitment is the same for everyone. Here are some survival tips for the recruitment process.

1. Be yourself.

This is the most important tip coming from someone who has been on both sides of the recruitment process. If you are trying to be someone you are not because you think that is what the sorority is looking for, you’re wrong. Sororities look for genuine, confident girls whom they believe have a strong sense of self. If you are fake during recruitment, it will likely be noticed. You WILL find a group of girls that like you for you. Do not fear that you won’t. If you put on an act, you run the risk of ending up in an organization that may not be the best fit for you and could make you unhappy down the road.

2. Do not be afraid to boast about your accomplishments.

First and foremost, sororities are philanthropic groups. You will hear a lot about each organization's philanthropy during rounds. If you have done any type of service in high school or outside of school, TALK ABOUT IT! Girls love to hear that you are dedicated to service and will help their organization in reaching higher philanthropic goals. You should also talk about any clubs or teams you were a part of during high school because you never know who you may have a connection with.

That being said, be sure not to go as far as bragging. The line between selling yourself and bragging can be pretty thin, so as a heads up, be conscious about what you’re talking about. Leave money out of the conversation… always. It just creates awkwardness.

3. Wear appropriate clothing.

Wearing the right clothes seems pretty self-explanatory, but it is very important. During recruitment, you will have a “guide” (we call them Rho Gammas) who should tell you, generally, what to wear for each round of recruitment. Listen to them. Dress to impress (but remember, you’re impressing collegiate women, not some man across the bar). Wear sensible clothing, like you would to work. For most rounds, I would say to think “office chic.”

4. Wear comfortable shoes.

YOU WILL BE STANDING FOR HOURS! We know you want to whip out your new pumps to show them off, but you will regret it. DO NOT decide to break in a new pair of shoes the day of recruitment. I can guarantee that you will hate yourself for it, and those blisters will hurt for days to come. Wear cute, practical shoes. Heels are fine but opt for wedges as a more comfortable choice. Sandals are always a good go-to as well.

5. Embrace your nerves.

It is inevitable that you are going to have some nerves, and if someone says they don’t, they’re lying. Just remember that everyone is going through the same thing. You’re definitely not alone feeling butterflies in your stomach, so you truly shouldn’t sweat it. After being on both sides of the recruitment process, I can guarantee that the girls in the room are nervous about meeting you too. After all, they are the ones who have to “interview” the potential new members and keep the small talk going, which can be super scary. Rather than feel overwhelmed by your jitters, channel them into being extra friendly and outgoing.

Take a deep breath and play it cool. You will get out alive!

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